Good afternoon, you may hear a little sound in the background. That is a lake I'm sitting by. But I wanted to talk today about the word selfish, and selfishness, what it is, what it takes, what it's done to people in the past, what continues to do the people. If you think of the word selfish, it's not a good word, it's got a negative connotation to it. So no one will be wanting to be considered selfish. Oh, you're a selfish person. Right, you wouldn't want to be tagged with that tagline. You wouldn't want someone calling you selfish. So it's not a good term, by any stretch of the imagination. But then once again, understand this, that the word selfish is something that someone would never call themselves. In other words, you wouldn't call yourself a selfish person. Hello, i'm john. And I'm a selfish person, because it's got a negative connotation or annotation attached to it. So it is a term that somebody else would call you, or someone else. In other words, somebody attaches this term to you. And most people would want that term attached to them. Because you've been told ever since you've been a little girl or a little boy, Johnny, share your candy with your sister. Don't be selfish. Ever since we've been born and raised, that has been a negative term, and it continues to be a negative term. But think of it in this light. Everybody makes the right decisions for themselves. You never make a wrong decision. Your decisions are to the decisions you were meant to make. Now, the outcomes and the consequences, not talking about that we're just talking about the process of making decisions. You cannot make a wrong decision. you're meant to make the decision, but your mental learned from it. Okay, kind of a hard concept to understand. But it's true. So if I decide not to share my candy with my sister, it does not make me wrong, because that was the decision I have made. What makes it appear wrong, is someone else will tag you with the word, you are being selfish. And no one wants to be considered selfish in their life. I mean, it's not a good, it's not a good term. Okay. You don't want to be considered like that. Because it's not a good term. Yes, we put too much weight on it. Yes, we worry about it too much. And I'm a perfect example that, okay, I've gone through 95% of my life, doing things and making decisions that I didn't want to make, that my heart told me know. So I wouldn't be considered selfish. Inevitably, I was probably already tagged that word anyhow. Remember, if you make a decision from your heart, it's not wrong. Don't let somebody else from the outside tell you that your decision is selfish. They have no way of knowing your decision was the decision you were supposed to make for yourself. So the word selfish is an exterior tagged word. In other words, somebody calls you that. And you know what? Here's what I say about that. If you want to call me selfish, go for it. Thank you, thank you. I'm no longer going to worry about that in my life. I wish I would have learned this 50 plus years ago, I wouldn't have done a lot of stupid things I've done in my life. I've made decisions that my heart told me not to do but I didn't want to be thought of are tagged as selfish. But when you understand the basic principle behind the word selfish, it's not a word that you tag yourself with. It's a word someone else tags you with. And how can somebody else tag you with a word when they don't know you? You know, the old adage you've ever walked a mile in my shoes? How can they possibly know what's in your brain? And how can they say that what you've decision you've made this selfish, they can't. It's word that they use to try to get their way. They want to get their results. They want something for themselves. So they call yourself a so you do what they want.
  Okay, I'm sorry I was interrupted on that so we'll call this selfish number two. And the point that I'm trying to make is that people tag, others with the word selfish, to get the outcome that they want. They want you to do something they want something so they call you selfish in the hopes to shame you into doing it so they get what they want, has nothing to do with you as a person.
So if somebody calls you selfish you say thank you. Because understand they want you to do something they want you to act in a certain way and you don't want to. So you call you that word, they try to tag you with that word to shame you, or guilt you into reacting the way they want you to react so they get what they want. Don't let it happen folks, your decisions are right. If you make your decisions from your heart that cannot be wrong.
Don't let anyone else tag you or call you something that it's not let them. Let them call what they wish, but it doesn't make it so. Thank you.