Hello folks. I want to make a recording. And I'm also taping it so I might put it on my website. But this is gonna be called stop freaking out people. Okay. I was at the dollar store today getting some groceries, and I looked into this person's car, and the backseat was full of toilet paper and water full. I mean, they must have bought the bloody store out. Okay. It's this hoarding exists kind of mentality, it's me before everybody else that's gotten us into where we are today, in the first place. This has got to stop. We got to stop thinking about only ourselves to start thinking about everybody, our brothers and sisters in this world. It's this exact mentality that has got us where we are today. Divide and Conquer make everybody think they're individuals. I'm gonna go out and become a hoarder I'm gonna get it before anybody else gets it. It was pathetic. Okay, it's happening everywhere, but it's this mentality folks, until we can move past this, it's me first and you second mentality, instead of re now until we can move past this, we're never going to get any better. They're going to keep us fighting amongst ourselves, they're going to keep us in panic mode, and the hoarders are going to be out there, grabbing everything before they, no one else gets it so they got it first. Come on people. That shows a lack of compassion. We need to breed compassion. We've got to stop this This is ridiculous. Stop, people start thinking about your brothers and sisters, and not just your selves.

Stop being so narcissistic.

Stop. Stop. This type of mentality has to stop. They're using it to play us against one another. Can you see that in the media. Can you see that with this Corona and lime virus, and demick. They're pitting us against one another and folks are falling into the trap. Just like a bunch of sheep. We're gonna throw a wolf in the corral, and let's see what happens. The wolf was the Cronan line virus. Let's watch him scatter let's watch him fight amongst themselves. Let's watch him hoard. Let's watch him. That's just what I see, I see it every day. And I'm up here in Northern Michigan, it is happening here I can only imagine what's going on in Detroit Chicago's las. Come on people. It's time to wake up. It's time to stop being so selfish and thinking about just me me me me start thinking about. Oui, oui, oui, oui, us, we're all in this together you know you hoarders, you might buy a carload of stuff. If the worst case scenario, it'll last you for three weeks, then what, then you're out anyhow. So we'll get to the hoarding Do you got you three weeks, big deal, maybe could have left some of that for other people that weren't hoarders. So it got you three weeks ahead of everybody else, but in the end you ended up in the same place. Okay, it's just like that person has to beat you pass the stoplight or beat you, and you end up at the same stoplight together you're just right behind them. Okay, hoarding is not going to get you anywhere, it's just going to show what you are, it's going to show your mentality, it's going to show whether or not you have any concern and compassion for the rest of your brothers and sisters in this world. So stop it grow up, share. Sorry, I saw the car today full of stuff and I wish I would have seen the driver because I wouldn't have confronted them. But I didn't see the driver. Or how about the hoarders that are doing this and they're buying it, and then they're selling it for twice the price. You don't think that's raping your brothers and sisters. Come on, we're in this together. We're going to get out of this together. Not as individuals. It's all on I've said, Please like and subscribe. I need likes I need subscribe so I can keep on doing this channel, and stop hoarding. Thank you.