Good morning, folks. This is a rather early recording. But as I lay here. This came to me.And I think it's something very important to put down in writing and audio. I'm going to call this audio cast. The Parent Trap. Because I see it happening all the time. I see it happening my own family. And I've been subject to the Parent Trap. What is the Parent Trap. Well, let's think about it, let's put ourselves in a situation that we've all been in the majority of us have.

You do what society tells you to do. You go, you get married you start a family. Because that's what we've been told, thing to do is go through the marriage or team sign the contract. Have a few children get up every day do our nine to five. This goes on and on. Mother, typically raises the kids his father typically supports the least it was that way in my time doesn't have to be this way. But that's the narrative I'm going to be addressing. But once again, it doesn't have to be these roles.

So this goes on and on and on. Father's Day does his job, nine to five every day, mother does her job taking care of the children making breakfast, getting them off to school, make sure that they're better if they get sick taking care of them. It's just, non stop, and then every once in a while society says oh you can have a vacation and the parents get together, go on a vacation and then they come back to the doldrums.

They do this for a good portion of their lives. And then around. 40 to 45 years old, parents, ages, things start to get hard. People start realizing that they're in a societal trap. They've been good people.  They've done what society told them is the right thing to do. They have been bad people. They don't break laws they don't hurt people. But they follow the rules. But things don't feel right.

They feel trapped. They're starting to hate their jobs. They want out, but they can't get out. Because that 40 to 45 years old, they've got a lot of time invested in the job. The probably the top of the pay scale.  Can't afford leaves called golden handcuffs.  Can't afford leave. mother starts feeling I believe probably print trapped. Who is she, she lost her self identity. Kids are screaming she's getting up every morning taking care of kids getting them off the school feeding them taking them to this class and that class. She's also feels very trapped.  So when you catch an animal on the trap, and you walk up to. And you let the animal go. Now if you don't keep it. What's the animal going to do. Sure. It's going to run away.

It's going to run fast. So typically in a typical American family at this stage, somebody runs away. Be at the man or the woman. One of them files for divorce. And you've been to perfect to perfect societal person. And now you jump into another venue of society. The Ugly divorce scene where you have to go out and get a lowest scum of the earth. Lawyer satanic lawyer, whose job is to suck all the wealth possible out of you.

By creating friction and havoc between the parties and keeping them arguing, thus keeping them getting more and more that green stuff, because that's all they're concerned about they don't give a damn about the parties. It's more about what can I get from you and how do I create more havoc.

So you see what's going on, you see the narrative I've set up here it's called the Parent Trap. People in this situation typically will reach out to material things to make themselves happy well maybe if we move. Maybe if we buy a new house, or we start this new business. And these are things we've been taught our whole lives make us happy.material things.

And a lot of people go down that road. But the good majority of them go down the road of divorce because they feel trapped and they feel as though there is no other alternative. Well maybe if we go to church, maybe that'll help it just a little bit.

But church doesn't always. It's not always the answer. And typically more than not it's not.

So what is the answer here folks when people become stuck. And they realize they're in the Parent Trap. And they're grasping for straws to make themselves happy to make their lives more fulfilled again to get that spark back that they had. When they got married because that spark is long God.

So society tells us. You're out of the trap, run. And typically what most people do is run right to the divorce lawyer. I did it. I filed. I did with somebody told me to do this society at this point doesn't really care. You done what you're supposed to do. Now, take care of yourself. And here's probably the most sinister part about this Parent Trap.

The things society does not teach you. The thing that could have helped this couple in this family, long, long, long before it got to this point, was the materialistic things. The new homes the vacations. The new cars. None of this is going to fix you or help you when you're in the Parent Trap.

You've been good little soldiers. You've done what you needed to do. Now society drops you off at the gate and says, figure it out for yourself. And once again, we all know where that typically goes, I know I'm letting y'all hang in that giving you the answer but here's what I think the answer is, for those caught in the Parent Trap and looking for an out.

Once again it's not material things, we need to look within. We need to find out who is the person that I've lost in these, I don't know. 2030 years of children raising and and marriage. Who do we lose, who was really there. Do we ever, or do we really know who this person was our people, our churches and get help us find societies, definitely not can help us find it. So, matter of fact, he wants us to run the divorce lawyer. Most people do.

So before we get to this point, because a lot of times or at this point. It's pretty tough turn back, cannot be done absolutely not, it can be done. We need to figure out who we are, we've jumped through society's hoops for so long. We've lost track of us. We've lost track of what makes us happy.
Life is about being happy. Life is about all being happy. And we've lost track of it. And now we're an animal in a trap, begging to be released so we can run. We need to find out who we are. We need to find a spark of life, and light within each and every one of our hearts.

We need to smile again. Not a covert smile. But a smile it comes in the middle of our hearts, a laugh that comes from the middle of our hearts When was the last time you had a really good laugh. It's been years for me pretending into. I'm not amongst people, but you know, if I knew who I really really was. I could laugh right now. And it would be a heartfelt laugh. So I guess I got some work to do too.

But this is what these people need and what we need. All along the answers were within us, they worked in society in the court system where things get, you know as well as I do, turn ugly. Not that advocating that every couple should stay together. No, But what I am advocating is before you do run to the divorce courts.

Because of the Parent Trap. Make sure you know who you are inside. Subsequently, you then know that the decision you're going to make probably is in the best interest of both parties.

Do you see the continuous cycle here. This hamster wheel running of life and how we run right down the same path typically.

And then when we're released from our trap we won't run right out of the same trap, typically, all this time raising children raising families, doing what society's told us, makes us a good little society soldier. All this time we've lost time we could have learned who we were. Can we do it in parallel to raising a family Sure you can.

Little bit tougher, especially with little ones, but it can be done and it should be done.

So many of us fall out of this trap and then we're left with half of whatever we've ever earned, or, or less disconnected children, trying to put our lives back together.

Trying to figure out who we really are. And in retrospect, if we would have done this, years ago, we not may not have become entrapped. But it's a typical scenario. I see it happening through many families. I see it happening in my family. And that's what leads me to want to create this podcast.

I don't want others to fall victim to this Parent Trap. Remember it's never too late. materialistic things will never make you happy. You need to look within your heart within your soul. You need to find the happy you.

The person that smiles when he's walking in the rain or the snow shower, that that person has to get up at nine o'clock every morning or eight o'clock or like me at three and drive 90 miles to do a job I absolutely hate it.

Because when it gets to that point. Pretty tough to turn back. If not near impossible. So when you release from a trap, or you get a run. Or better yet, Before you step foot in that trap. Do some soul searching. Figure out who you are. What makes you shine. What makes you happy. truly makes you happy.