Good afternoon, folks.  Yes, I'm on my walk again and it's  semi raining out but the leads are coming down more.
Seems like I get a lot of good insight on I'm doing a walk in nature. For me nature, the trees, the woods. Opens me up opens up my realization
opens up new ideas and thoughts. And I've always loved the words ever since I've been a child. So this is my place. Today I want to talk about something which I I don't have a lot of experience because I'm going to talk about women and marriage, being a man I really can't claim to know everything about a woman how she feels. But sometimes it's easier there's more insightsfrom the outside looking in the inside looking out if you know what I mean. So let's talk about this women in marriage and the paternal instincts of women. Women have a very strong paternal instinct.
And that's great, that's the way it was designed the way it was supposed to be. God bless the women of the world for that instinct. They're born and raised to believe that they need to grow, find a man. Create a family, raise your children live happily ever after. Well that's good, that's all well and done that's what the species is about is reproducing production. But in the interim. The typical woman can get very very lost. Let's look at this in a chronological timeline. You're young you're 20 you're a woman you in media man fall in love, get married. Next thing you know you've started the family. You're still young, struggling for a life, struggling for your career downright struggling. So you go through life with the one child to child three child. How many of you have until you get into your 40s 50s, some people you under 60. And as a woman. You've taken care of these kids again. God bless women. God bless females for this, because this is what children need, they've got a certain maternal and paternal instinct that men just don't have. And that's the way it was meant to be. So you spend your whole life, raising kids and doing your best job because as you've been told that since you've been shown.That's it. You've been taught your entire life. I'm not saying it's wrong. But that's what you're taught in the process of raising these children, you've given your soul to them,and the father is probably out working trying to keep a roof over their heads. Mother, maybe very well working to as well as raising children. And it's a very hectic life for quite a few years. And then the empty nest syndrome sets in the children around the house and gone. And now the two of you sit there and look at each other and wonder what now. What do I do now.
This is supposed to be the time for me or us. And we ultimately have no clue of who I am, or who we are. because we spent so much time raising children, keeping the money flow going as we're told to do and be good little citizens that we didn't have time, or we didn't take time to expand upon who we were. What we are our consciousness. And now it's looking at us in the face. And we're probably both of us sitting here looking dumbfounded. Now, chances are, at that point in time. If you look at the odds. You know what's going to come along. Next, the big day. Yep, diverse and you reach go your own way. Now some people will jump right back into another marriage, thinking that's to have to have it they need it, they have to have it been told they have to have it to feel incomplete without it. But the wise one will stop and say, well, I've now got time to understand me. I've got time to figure out who I am. Yeah, a lot of years have gone by, but it's never too late. You've got time to figure out who you are. And I feel sorry for the woman in a lot of respects because she may get to this empty nest syndrome and be with somebody. She doesn't even know anymore, or even care for her anymore. But if she had an inheritance, she feels obligated and stuck the rest of her life to being with this person never ever, ever knowing who they really are. And I feel sorry for anybody, a man or a woman, that is put into that situation, because I believe our one goal in this world is to figure out why we're here, and who we are, what we are. And we should all take that time. But too many of us in society the way it's generated and created today. By the time we have that opportunity. We've totally lost any connection with our mate. And some of us, maybe in our to our 60s. I hate to say this is the downhill part of your life. It shouldn't be. But the way society, and modern medicine and everything is created today it is. So I feel sorry for anybody that's stuck there. The best thing is to figure out who you are, what makes you tick. What makes you happy. What makes you sad. What makes you feel good. And if you have to lean on somebody else to make yourself feel good, or lean at some other idea i money, fancy cars to make you feel good. I feel sorry for you. I guess maybe this isn't just about women it's about men too, because we can all fall into that trap, but a woman because of her maternal instinct seems to be more Neptune, they really put their heart and soul into raising children and their life just flies by. And I've seen so many of them raise those children, and not raise themselves. And when those children just leave, and they will have no clue who they are. And now they're running divorced. They're running scared, thinking they have to have somebody in their life to take care of them. They need that person to lean on. They've got to have them they gotta have, you gotta have them. And they spend the rest of their time searching for something. They don't need.
Instead they should have been looking within  and figuring out why. And understanding why. So I don't know what I'm going to call this audio cast. Women divorce. Men, women marriage, I don't know what I'm going to call it. It doesn't directly apply just to women's again this is a men thing too, but it seems to women because of their maternal instincts are a little bit, how do I say it nicely. I don't want to see that they get a little bit of a bigger slam and the deal, because they've given a little bit more of what they've got within, and they've given up themselves. And again, men do this too. So I don't know what I'm gonna call it, but I'm going to stop talking now, and I'm going to say Good day. Thank you.