Hello, I want to start a new recording. And when I call this article, we exist in a tunnel and we live in a box. Now what do I mean by that? Well, I was sitting in town today, having my cup of tea, realize that realizing that my field of vision, what I look at, typically what we all look at,is straight ahead,to each side into the down, we don't look up, we look almost like we're looking through a tunnel, we can see that and besides when you see that down to the end of the tunnel, and of course, we can see that on the bottom of the ground. But beyond that, our field of vision is ended, we probably can perceive our we perceive 20%, of what there really is out there. And we live in this tunnel every day, when we go to work, we go to school, and we go home, we go for a walk, we're living in this tunnel, tunnel vision. And we're perceiving very little of what there really is there. And then to cap it all off. When we go home, or to our home, we live in a box.A home, it really is nothing more than a square box.

Some boxes, one on top of the other, some boxes, one right next to the other, other boxes farther away. But essentially, it's a box. And that's how we survive. We perceive 20% of what is out there because not because we can't. But because we've been sold in trained into this kind of thinking, just look ahead. Because everything is ahead. Why do people look up most people don't look up. I mean, there's so much more up.There's so much more beauty there up.

But we don't look at it, we just train our eyes to look ahead, look to the sides and look down. And we miss everything else that exists. I do it all the time, caught myself doing it today. Hence the reason for this article. And then when you go home, you're in a box, a shoe box, I'll be it. Some people have bigger shoe boxes than others. But in the end, it's still a box, a box is a box, whether it's once again, one on top of the other one next to one another, or one on 30 acres, it's still a box.

And our whole life goes like that. It's just like having the blinders on. And we've talked about before.  Except These are four sided blinders, or at least three blinders for the sides and blinders for the top. Because we don't look up. We don't look up and see the beauty in that huge, huge 400 year old tree that is now living in turning green. We don't look and see that beauty, we don't realize by looking up and seeing that beauty of that tree that in order for that tree to be there, there has to be a background and an order for the background exist, the foreground must exist as a unique thing that I found out the other day and heard the background must exist for the foreground to exist. And for the foreground to exist, there must be a background to exist, duality. They work together? How often do we stop and look up at that beautiful tree and the bugs that are coming out and the green and the colors in it. Not very often, we're trained to look straight ahead or a little bit to the side. Or of course you look down. That's really where they watch us just look down Don't look much more head, you might fall or trip to look, look

three feet ahead. That's a far as you should go. Right.So break out of that. Start looking up, break out of that tunnel. I know we can't break out of our boxes where we exist. That's the way they're made. But we get outside and we can walk in nature. And we can walk through the woods. Or we can we will look at the lakes or the oceans. We could break out then train yourself to do that. We've been so entrenched and trained not to it's so hard to get out of it. Unless you realize it.

You'll never know you're doing it. Remember one of the articles was awareness. That is probably the key phrase on the whole website. If you're aware that you're looking at things in a tunnel, well then you can change that start looking at things outside of the tunnel. So