Hello folks.

I hope you're all doing well. During the CV 19 hoax lockdown.

But that's not what this podcast is going to be about. I toyed with the idea of doing a video with this also and putting it on YouTube. And honestly, folks. It's a lot of work, it takes a lot of hours to do that. And being, this is just going to be a quote unquote challenge for you. I don't know if it'll get that many likes on YouTube. And also, you know, if YouTube doesn't like what you're saying they can just flip a switch and all your work is done.

But when I put it on my website, it's there, as long as I want it. So I'm just going to make this as a podcast and not video this time.And this one is going to be called. What can a puddle pee UDL e teach us.

And this revelation came to me today. Although, I thought about it before but not quite as in depth during one of my walks. Today is an overcast gloomy day it rained all night last night it's not currently raining so I'm not walking and sure there's puddles all around them dodging the puddles.

And I stopped and looked at one puddle, I don't know two feet long, two feet wide, two inches deep, something like that. And I looked into it.

And I saw two things.Here's your challenge. Look into a puddle of what do you see, most people will say, Well, I see gravel I see rocks I see sand. I see asphalt. Whatever's underneath it. That's what I see.

I would bet you the majority of people say that. And I always did too. But what about what about the reflection that's in that puddle.Did you see that, or to just immediately go to the rocks the gravel and asphalt, like we all do.And you have you'll notice when you look and you concentrate your eyes on the reflection, you don't see what's underneath anymore. In other words, you can't see both at the same time, you have to either concentrate on what's underneath this puddle which we all typically do, or the reflection within it.

And we don't typically look at the reflection within it.Maybe it's time we start looking at that. Maybe it's like life, we get up and we open our eyes, and we see what we have created which we think is reality. Maybe indeed that's the puddle with the dirt and the rocks and the sand and the asphalt hundred. We're not looking at the reflection which is there, but we've trained our eyes and our mind and our body for countless years to look just at what's underneath the rocks the asphalt sand. Now, not the reflection within, and the reflection within is the true identity of what there is there. So maybe we're looking at life.

Perception wise, a little bit skewed.I don't know what the answer to this is, I don't know how you change your view, but maybe we are, because if a reflection, or if a puddle has two things to it. What's there underneath, which we typically look at almost instantly are the reflection there in.

Maybe life does too. Maybe this thing we call a world, these walls these trees these lakes. These clouds, these people. Maybe there's more there, but we just haven't trained our eye to see it yet. Again, I'm in my 60s, my eyes have been well framed. I mean, if you do something for 60 years, you're going to fall into an old habit real fast and it's going to take some time to untrain those eyes, and to realize maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing or not looking at the wrong thing but maybe there's something more I can see there, if I can train my eyes to look at it, I don't know the answer to this.

I don't know if that's true or not but it's a thought. So what can a puddle teach us a simple thing like a puddle. What can it teach us. There's a lot more to reality than what meets the eye. Yes, yes, that's a good way of looking at it. And maybe we've been looking at, we've been focusing concentrating on the wrong thing. And I don't mean wrong, like we shouldn't concentrate on it but we have been deceiving ourselves thinking, everything is what I see, but there is so much more out there and I agree with this point, because there is so much more out there. We haven't trained our eyes to see it. We don't know how to look at it.

So puddle can teach us a lot. So here's your challenge. Please look at that puddle, but then look at the reflection within it and realize when you do that, you can't look at the other aspect of it simultaneously. You're either looking at what the puddle has got underneath it rocks stones asphalt or the reflection within you can't see them both simultaneously.

Maybe life is like that too. Just a thought. I thought it was, it was pretty good I was pretty happy with that. And I'm going to put this on my website, and also please go to we not me on YouTube for as long as it's up again I didn't want to make a video on this because I'm sure you've seen my ugly face long enough you don't want to see it that much more any longer, but this is going to be only put on my website Michel Meyer calm, and you can like and share on there.

I can't get your your your your comments. I'll be it a lot of people haven't commented on Lina me on YouTube so, but I can get your likes, there's a light bar share bar, please like, share, spread it around so people can see it. So, think about it, folks challenge, challenge yourself and ask yourself, What can that puddle teach us. Have a good day folks peace off.