I thought I would create this video because I've been thinking a lot about this as a matter of fact, I talked yesterday. To my sister about this subject and lo and behold, one of my favorite YouTubers truth herself their name Matt at the quantum of conscious. And I will leave a description in the box below I talked about the exact same thing last night, same words same everything. It's about. Are you an NPC NPC MPC playing European know I've heard from researchers like Dolores Cannon who was in the business for 40 to 50 years. She called these NPCs backdrop, people. I've heard from Gosha a cosmic agency with her contact with the Floridians, they call them non real people. And I've heard them referred to as non PCs non playing characters. My question to you is, do you know any NPCs. What is an NPC an NPC is an entity created brought here to fill space. That's all they are. Think of them as filler text. They fill, but they have no meaning. That's pretty much a good example what an NPC is or a backdrop person or non real person. They're here and they're everywhere. They're almost indistinguishable from real people except they lack one thing one thing, importantly, and that's the soul.

Do you know any NPCs,
or I can point to a lot of NPCs I think I know, I had a good friend, my hometown, she and I were her buddies for a long time. Then we eventually got to a point where our frequencies separated when you're apart. And when I look back at it. This old friend of mine lack compassion, he lacked concern, he lacked caring. And it was just about me me me by my house. I will go and you can never get his attention you can never talk to him. I think he was an NPC or is an NPC almost sure my mother was an NPC because she had no compassion at all. I mean if there's one definition of an NPC it would have been my mother. They say, Well, how do I know I'm not an NPC because I have a soul. I have compassion I have love I have feelings can be seized don't realize what they are. They just exist here to do everything we do. They're very hard to distinguish from a real person. There's no doubt about it. They have to be. They're designed that way. So, do you know any NPCs, that you all do people that you just grow apart from for no apparent reason. Or you just start feeling disconnected from them. I don't do good in crowds. I never have had a beginning to understand, I think why, because I don't like those that many NPCs around me. I feel. They make me feel uncomfortable.

I was having my coffee shop this morning. And it was a Saturday and it got pretty busy, and I just said, You know, I got to get up late there's just too many people and I looked and I looked, I don't know how many NPCs are there, but I felt uncomfortable. And I'm thinking, the reason that crowds of people make me feel uncomfortable is. I can sense the MPC is about like tomorrow. Because I know they're not real. I had a friend back in Wisconsin, who I thought was a friend. I believe it was just another NPC. They're here, they're brought here. And there's multiple sources who talk about it PCs. It's not just one source just a lot of sources that talk about these backdrop people put into this matrix to fill space. How many politicians you think her NPCs, probably a hell of a lot. I heard the number one in five people, or NPCs, probably more like two or five or three and five now. It's just the number to throw out there. People that don't see what's really happening in this world today I can't see how obvious it is I can't see the truth I don't want to see the truth always just it's just conspiracy theorist, very well could be NPCs, so I'm going to go back and I'm gonna ask you Do you know any NPCs. Think about it. Once again, like and subscribe to the channel, put your comments below. You can check out my website. I don't know if I discuss NPCs there probably would have been a good one to put on there. But I didn't record it, so I didn't think. And I'll leave a description of the box for max, hour and a half low talking about NPCs and how they run scripts, it makes a lot of sense. Until then, peace out.