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  This is probably going to be the most important article so far that I've had on my site. And it's going to be called  what is CCS means, in my term that I coined, collective conscious synergy. And I'm going to return refer to it as CCS from here on out because it's quite a mouthful.
  Collective conscious synergy. In a nutshell, it's really about what this site is about. I broken it down into various various subgroups and all the articles.  But this is kind of the conglomeration  of what I'm trying to get across in this site.  So let's talk about CCS.
  Collective, conscious synergy. What it is, Let me try to explain it. Let's think of the human race, like ants. We've seen pictures of aerial photography of drones over New York and busy cities, and literally people running here and there looks like a bunch of ants running around we literally from above look like an ant colony. Or not much different than an ant colony in retrospect. What do ants do? Well, and Sam, Queens, presidents, I don't know. And Sam, Queens, They build ant hills, and they have more ants. But there's all kinds of factions of different ants all around, they're all building your own little ant hills doing their own little thing.
  Kind of like us.  You know, you've got  let's say, the United States man, he'll building its own thing. You got the Russian anthill, building its own thing, you've got the African anthill, enhance building its own thing. Everybody's building your own individual ant hills.
  And they do that wonderfully these ants.  Could you imagine what it would be like, if every ant in the world could collectively get together and say, we're going to work on one ant hill and only one ant hill, I present to you that if they did that, which of course is an impossibility. But if they did that, That one ant hill will probably be taller than the tallest mountain in the world. That's what they could do, collectively. But they are not a collective. Kind of like the human race is not a collective,
  We all have been  broken into subjective categories based on color of our skin, our race, where we live, what religion we belong to, What language we speak, and the list goes on and on and on, and on and on. We spend our entire day just hurrying around going from job to job. Everybody, disconnected, freeways busy, we're all doing our own thing. Just to survive. Oh, yes, it was planned that way, on purpose, it's planned that way, to keep us separated, to keep us doing their own thing to keep us so we don't realize our power in our collective the powers that be thought about this, folks, and they've done an awful good job of it. Think of how we're divided. You know, we're busy nine to five, everyday working a job, everybody doing their own thing just to put food on the table, which is full of poisons, By the way, so we can survive the brokenness into that. They broken us by geographical location, goes right down down to your where you live. The township here in the county or in the state, you're in the Republic, you're in the list goes on Religions, or religion, or you just divide them by religion. This divide them by race. Let's divide, let's divide. Let's divide. Let's divide. Let's divide, folks, folks, were divided all the time, non stop 24. Seven, were divided by net TV channel for gosh sakes that we listen to collective conscious, synergy CCS. Could you imagine the power that we would have on this earth, If we as a human race,
  Could collectively collectively  Create Account one consciousness, not a multitude of factions, but a one I give to you that I truly believe that if we could do that, We could change the world overnight into something that would be recognizable In today's standards, It would be where we were supposed to be, It'd be what we were supposed to have, until we got broken down into factions fighting amongst one another. throwing money, I mean, I can just go on and on and on. Everything is a methodology of creating divisions, keeping us separate. Think of those all those ants building that huge
  one, and he'll how  big it would be. Think of us, collectively working together as one. Think of the beautiful world we could end starvation, we get in poverty, We get in sicknesses we get in diseases, Think of what we could do. And This is the one thing and I've said this before, and I'm going to reiterate, this is the one key prime thing that the powers to be and I hate using that term. Those in control, Do not, do not want us to understand. So they create divisions. And that's what they've done beautifully. over many, many years. We need to get to a point where we can cast All of these divisions aside and realize that under the skin, no matter what color it is, No matter what race it is, no matter what language it speaks, and no matter where it's located. under the skin, We are all the same. Collective conscious synergy. Can this be done? Sure, it could be, It'd be a worldwide effort, but it could be done. But we first have to understand how we're being divided. Because the biggest fear, The evil ones that are in control of this world, The Evil Ones fear the most is us coming to this realization of what there is there, the potential we have and what we can do. So think about CCS. Think about the power that's there. It takes a small step first, baby steps First, this wouldn't happen overnight. But The more and more people become aware of it, the more and more enlightened they become, the more possible this could become a worldwide event, maybe not even a worldwide event the first time it's going to take maybe just 20 people, then maybe a township, then maybe a county, then maybe a state, you see where I'm going from here. It's got to start somewhere, folks. We can't keep being led, like sheep being told what to do, what to think, how to do it, what to do and what not to do it. corralled
  on that hamster wheel the rest of our lives.  So This is probably the most important article on this site. Understanding CCS. The true power does have Do we want to be those ants Every colony working for its own good and never really getting anywhere. We want to be that collective colony
  that builds an anthill  taller than Mount Kilimanjaro. That kind of potential. Think about it. Please, if you liked the article, like it, Spread the article, spread the website, let others know about it. Because the only way this can be started is if everybody knows about it. And if you just visit the site and go and don't tell anybody,
  Please also check out the other audio cast above "CCS and Towns" listen to what I have to say about the CCS of towns and cities!! No one's gonna know.  So please, There's a light bar inside. Tell your folks about it. Tell your friends. Tell everybody, like the article, like the site and let's get this thing going. Thank you.