Good afternoon, folks.Love it patriots out there.

The summer is winding down. I had a situation which resolved itself the other day and kind of reinforce some of my thoughts. But I want to call this audio cast. When is enough Enough? What Have you got enough? When do you call it, I've got enough. I don't need to work anymore. I don't need to do anything anymore. I'm fine. I'm happy. When is enough, Enough. And The reason I asked this is because something came to light the other day that brings this whole thing to fruition. That reminds us of how short life is here. And that we are meant to enjoy it into it, love it into appreciate it to its fullest. And not be that hamster in a wheel, that horse with blinders on. And what happened was I had a good friend of mine passed away at age 57. All kinds of businesses, great friend of mine, may rest in peace. pillar of the community, I mean, handfuls of things going on. Now, I don't know how he lived his life that was up to him.But in retrospect,I would imagine if he knew this was going to happen,he probably would have stopped and smell the roses A long time ago.

I don't know. But I'm saying to you, folks, When is enough, enough. I've got a lot of friends out there still working their tails off till they turn 65. And I hope and wish them well. I hope their life lives a long, long, long, long, long, long time after that. The odds are against him that it will The odds are against him after 65 that you're going to live 2030 more years, especially after work in your whole life and all the stress you have on it. But again, I say to myself, when is enough Enough? When do you draw the line and say listen, I I've had I've got enough, I'm going to go on and I'm going to smell the coffee, smell the roses, Look at the beautiful trees and enjoy nature in my life. I know it's an individual choice for everybody. And that that is your choice to make. I know when I made mine. Do I regret it? No, because I'll be retired probably twice as long as most people in my profession, or I'll probably have, I know I'll have twice as long a time in retirement to enjoy it. Now I can't speak for everybody. But I would just like everybody to speak for themselves and stop and think Take the want to say credit take accounting for what you have. And ask yourself, what is enough enough for me? How long do I keep chasing that proverbial carrot? What more do I need? And that's what you got to start weighing those odds. Instead of this looking at your bank account, or your checkbook, or your whole mortgage, All things that we can never get out from under anyhow. And look and look and say, Well, you know, I'm happy with what I've got. I can go on with my life and I can enjoy it from here on out. I don't know. I just hope everybody asks themselves, truly and honestly, it listens to their heart, when their heart tells them. Hey, man, it's time for you to leave. Instead of your brain say now you gotta work four more years to pay that house off. Or you got to work four more years to pay that car off. And then after four years, something happens. Like it happened to my friend. I don't know. I'm not pointing fingers. I'm not making assumptions. I'm just putting the idea health or one does enough enough. And can you be totally honest with yourself and ask yourself that question and put all judgments of will I've got to have this I got to have more of this. I've got to have more of this. put all that aside and decide for yourself when I've had enough. And if that's what you wish to do work till you're 95 years old to seek and pay off your house. God bless you that is your choice. We do have free will. But at least make sure you've asked that question and you are happy with your answer.