Morning folks. I'm going to call this podcast why we worry. And I guess it's more why I worry, but I think I'm commensurate with 99.9% of the people in this world. Why we worry. You've always heard people say, Stop worrying about it it's going to happen anyhow. Stop worrying about it, let it just happen. That's a hard concept to understand and it's a very hard concept to implement society's got us trapped in a box of worry and concern our whole life so we run like those rabbits to the wheel. That horse chasing a carrot that they'll never catch and worry is one of the biggest things that we as human beings really don't need to do. But why do we worry that's the meat of this podcast. If you stop and think about it. We worry because we want an outcome to happen the way we have it transcribed to happen. And in other words, the way we see it happening. And we try to force a narrative, or for something to happen the way we see it happening. And if it doesn't work that way we worry about it. When inevitably, that's going to happen the way it wants to no matter if you've worried about it or not. So really, Why waste your energy worrying about it. Good case just happened to me today. I'm an older fella and I'm semi retired. And I have semi retirement plans. One of them hasn't been producing much as it should. And as I'm walking actually doing this podcast I get a call from my investment broker. And he comes up with this really good idea to start making some money for change instead of money going out money coming back in. And I wasn't worried about it but it happened, it was going to happen that way no matter what. And he made perfect sense and I'd like to to follow him on this adventure, because I know he's a good man and, and he'll do his best to take care of me I have no doubt or worry about that. But things are going to happen, one way or the other, they're going to happen. The only way they can. If you try to steer them down a specific path. And you and that causes worry within you, because it's not going. The path you want it to go. You really have no control over. And the easiest thing is just to stop worrying and that's you know we've heard that our whole lives and as a human being. It's pretty tough to do. But if you can try to start releasing some of that worry and just let things fall like I did today. They fell for me. They just fell for me. I wasn't looking for it. As a matter of fact it was probably the last thing on my mind. But it looks like it's going to work out really really positively for me. So if you allow things to just happen. Instead of trying to steer the narrative and creating worry within you. We all know worry. Isn't that good for the human body creates stress the stress creates sicknesses and all kinds of adverse effects, with the human body. It's not a good thing. So let's try not to worry. Let's try to not steer the narrative. Sure, we have to have a narrative well I'd like to see this happened and how it gets there, allow it to progress to get there. Instead of say no I want you to take this route instead. And that may do nothing but exact exact story exasperate the situation to make it take longer than it would have if you would have said, I'll let the chips fall where they fall, and they will fall in place for you, my friends, they will always fall in place for you. God bless.

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