Hello, folks, this is going to be a rather short podcast, but it's called you are what you eat. We've all been there, we've all gone through and heard about all the bad meats and everything in this world. I've always thought and new and heard my entire life that the human digestive system was designed not for red meats, but designed for fruits and vegetables. It couldn't be any culture, the truth. We are not meat eaters, our organs. Our intestines are not designed to digest meat of any kind. And we are what we eat. understand a lot of poisons are being fed to us through these meats that folks eat. propose everyone become vegan, and stop eating red meat, anything with eyes, stop eating it. It's nothing more than cannibalism, if you're really thinking about it, is every animal in this world is sentient to some extent, and they are eating that it's just like eating a person that's cannibalism. They'll have you label that cow is not thinking like us, but it is it's an animal and eating other people does nothing but lower one vibration and frequency. Plus, it gives the powers to be the Cabal places the throwing junk and human growth hormones and all kinds of poisons. And you can see that every day, there's more and more beef being recall because of poisons said Manila, all the junk they put in there and then think about how they how they torture these poor animals for food for us to keep them only cages. They pump them full of human growth hormones. It's just disgusting what they're doing. I will have nothing to do with that ever again. I don't eat anything that has eyes. We are what we eat, folks. If you have a high protein, high meat diet, you're going to have very low frequency and very low vibration. You need to get off of that. Get off of that kind of a diet. Get away from it. That's this short podcast. We are what we eat, and we should all be vegan.