Hello folks, making sure everything here is working properly. How are you doing today. I apologize if there's any wind noise I am outside. It is a rather damp drizzly overcast kind of a day, but I felt very strongly about the need to get this message out. I want to call this podcast ID as an ID versus Eagle. I've talked about the ego before ever really talked about the ID. The ID. So I want to compare and contrast these two and see how it or they play out in everyday life. Now, I'm gonna say, talk about these from my perspective for things that have happened to me but I can guarantee you, I think this will probably resonate with 99.5% of the rest of you, and it's not being a bad thing. But let's talk about the Define ID. ID to me is your identity, Id identity you know sometimes it's short for identity it, your identity, sits over here in the side of your shoulder. And then of course we have our ego that sits over here on this shoulder, and they are always constantly in battle. Although your ego will ultimately, almost always, unless you're aware of it, win a battle with the head, it'll always be the mouthpiece, your mouthpiece, it'll always be talking for you. When your IDs going on oh no no I already feel that way, but the ego will always win out. So I'm gonna say there's a word, you can be, Id centric, or ego centric, I think I just made those up, but I'm gonna use those two. If you had a choice between the two, obviously, more enlightened being would say the best way to be is be ID centric and get rid of this ego centric stuff, because what's your, if you were egocentric which most of us are, you know, your ego is always saying things like, you know I'm better than this person I know more than this person I'm taller I'm prettier I'm cuter and more handsome. I'm healthier I'm, that I'm a better person than them, I can do more than I'm smarter than they are. It goes on and on and on, and you're just going no, no, no, no, stop thinking that way. Yeah, I'm not better than anyone. We're all equal, but you're in will almost always be overridden, and over shadowed by your ego. And most of us fall into this category, including yours truly. So many times we get into conversations with people, and your ego takes over. Don't What did you do. I'm a retired this is who you know, who cares, you know, but that's our first question in our mouth and we meet somebody. So what do you do, and it's really a ridiculous way to start a conversation because it means nothing, but your ego again will take over your mouth in your brain and start spreading this stuff up. You can also think of your Eagle working here in your head working here. How many times have I said we need to connect with our heart more than our brain. So, do we need an eagle, you know, at our age, my age, no, maybe when we're growing up, maybe, maybe, there comes a point in time I don't know what that number is, let's say, graduate high school, or let's say you're 20 years old 25 I don't know what the numbers but there comes a point in time, at least by my age, where that egos doesn't do you any good at all. Actually it harms you more than anything else stops you for finding out your true identity. Right, a situation like that I can relate to just recently I gone through, not gonna mention anyone's names or anything, I'm gonna try not to say too much about it but I was in a friendship with some people, and he got to a point where my ego was was running the friendship, my ego was doing things that I didn't like. And I knew I had to stop it. It had to, it had to stop, to help the other person. In other words, that person or persons that I was in a relationship or friendship with. I was allowing my ego to control that friendship, I was allowing my ego to make decisions. And in the end, it was going to if it already did hurt the other people and they didn't deserve that. Now, yeah, I can look at those other people and say well they're very egocentric, too, because I got some very nice replies. When I decided to stop this friendship. But that's neither here nor there that's for them to figure out, but I, I had to work at me, and I realized that my ego was doing things that I was wasn't comfortable with. I don't want to put anybody in that position. They don't deserve it. So I abruptly stopped it, and like I said there was a lot of Heather and tether here nor there, but I did because of my ego was doing something that I was, I wasn't happy with. Now, we can all go down that road and we do every day, probably, I think understanding did learn to talk with the head. And I think ego is going to be a lifelong commitment. It's not something that's just going to go like that and it's all worth because I want it like that. This is always going to want to come back, this is always going to want to come back into my decision making and my choices, and they need to be aware of it, as well as you need to be aware of it if you truly want to be able to relate to your ID to your heart. Understand that ego that little, little devil. He ain't going away, unless you keep pushing away. I think if you can understand it, see what's happening and what's the old adage of cut it, nip in the bud. After so many points of nipping it in the bud maybe I don't know a year's worth two years worth. It'll eventually stop. That's what I'm hoping. Hope is not a continuous commitment the rest of my life, but we have to see it first. We have to see that our ego is running, what's going on, and we need to stop and say, oops, game over. You know, again this may take a lot of a lot of work. It may take years of practice, but I aim to do that. And I did that with this one situation and is hard as it was to do, it was the right thing to do. I needed to take my ego out of that situation. Maybe someday, those on the other end will realize what it was done for, maybe not. Maybe they'll see this video. No, I'm talking about them. But the whole intention behind it was to not hurt somebody or not allow my ego to set them up to get hurt. That was the only reason. And the only way to stop it would be to stop it. As hard as it might be. So, are you egocentric, or are you ID centric, chances are your egocentric, because most people are most people are, and we can stop it, but it's gonna take conscious effort every day for all of us to stop it. And I'm hoping eventually, The more and more I can see these and hopefully the more and more you can see what you're doing, and you put a stop to it. Eventually it'll just become second nature and this ego will just kind of fade away into oblivion and will truly be Living from the heart for American. So, I hope you've learned something, please like and subscribe I think you'll see email address down here to go to my website, this will be my website as well as a YouTube channel where you can like and subscribe. But on the website if you look inside, you're going to see a share bar and you can, please add up those shares, that'd be great. So with that, folks, I'm going to say peace out. Alright Spock would say live long and prosper right. Enjoy your life. Good luck. Love y'all. Bye.