Okay, good morning. Hi, this is my second attempt with this. My first attempt failed. But anyways, this is going to be an article about addictions, what they are. And it could be an in depth article, I may break this into three or four different sections. But today I want to talk about one section in particular. And that section being the control structure of addictions, what they're set up for, what they're designed for that I believe, and what their purposes. There's all kinds of addictions. And I want to speak today about just a few of them. I want to speak about the nicotine addiction was cigarettes, the alcohol addiction and the opioid heroin addiction.
  If you think about them,
  addictions were created for a control purpose, and the control purpose of mind. Once again, as I've said before, many of my other articles, there's no such thing is anything being created for our benefit at all, that had does not exist, never will and never has. And that's the realization we need to come about. Nothing in this world has been done for benefited to make our life better. There's always an underlying cause. And most of it is control. addictions are no exception to the rule. Nicotine was put in cigarettes to make them addictive. Alcohol was created to make it addictive. opioids and heroin and meth created to make it addictive. And if you look at the structure, who controls the output? who produces these addictive substances, cigarettes, alcohol, it's all controlled by the elite, the top 1%? Who, on the organizations which either producer develop, or in some circumstances, the clowns on the 90% of the heroin importing business in the United States? These are the clowns in America. So this has been going on for a long time. What is its purpose? Is it to its to addict, United States society, think about it. And you say, Well, what do they get out of addicting people? Well, number one, they get control to get the hard work money, he get money, money, money, money, but then you've also got Think about this. If for instance, hypothetically, overnight, all the cigarettes, all the alcohol, all the opioids, all the heroin, all the meth was shut off overnight, what would happen? We'd have mass chaos in this country, mass chaos. That's another troll structure. They want the ability to control the population. And you don't think that they would pull that plug if they needed to, if things were not going their way, and they needed to create havoc in this country? Well, it would. Because I don't know what the number has been a large part of the population is addicted to something, even something as simple as caffeine and coffee. We're just going to stop importing and creating coffee, what will happen, a lot of people will be lot crazy, wouldn't they? They didn't have their caffeine. So these things are done on purpose, folks. And what we need to do is number one, become aware of it number to start weaning ourselves away from these addictions. So they can't just pull the plug and make us all go nuts, at their women their desires. That's what I fear is them to shutting off the supply of these things now that they got that population addicted to it, and watching the chaos ensue. That's what scares me. But again, becoming aware of this is the first step to understanding the addictions and getting them fixed. Become aware of what you're they're trying to addict us to and with, understand that become aware. So I may break this down into
  the the addiction.
  I guess you'd call it the addiction, stereotyping, the negative connotations associated with that. But this article is designed to just open your eyes and think what if, what if overnight, they cut everything off? What would happen to society? And what kind of concert control is that? Think about it, folks. The next time you pick up a cigarette, or use some illicit drug, or even drink caffeine to stop you from so you can function for the day. Think about that, folks. Thank you

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