Hello folks. How are you,

I'm gonna apologize initially for any background noise that might be here because I am truly outside and there's people on the lake. I want to draw your attention to something which is extremely important, and I hope my battery doesn't go dead this time. If I had a T shirt, my T shirt would say, I don't suffer from depression. I suffer from realism, because this is going to be a realistic video like all of mine are not going to be very optimistic. But it is what I think is going to happen in the near future. Disclaimer I'm not psychic. I don't get psychic readings I don't talk to whomever. This is just my feelings and my thoughts, But it makes perfect sense to me. So I'm gonna call this. Did you get your vaccine yet, as in vaccination the as Matt would say that golden God, that they're working on the all mighty that's gonna save the world. I'll never get that, because it's gonna be full of junk garbage. That's not gonna be good. I'm not going to be healthy for you. Okay, it's not going to be a good thing. You do what you want. I for one will not take that vaccination. But I for 1am also retired, and I am out of the workforce. But e's what's going to happen over the summertime. Again, I prediction, my thoughts over the summertime things will start to settle down a little bit, then lo and behold come to fall on the election. Round number two is going to pop up. They're not gonna let a good thing just fade out. Number two is going to pop up, and they're going to use it against Trump, you know that, but they're also going to use it to push us vaccination, which is their real agenda. They want to fold they want to get rid of Trump and get you vaccinated with this poison.

It's gonna pop up in this career cycle again again. And lo and behold, come around, maybe the spring they're gonna have their goals and guide their vaccination out, and ready to go. And there will be many many many people lining up to take it without even thinking they're just gonna do it.

That you can't stop. But here's what I predict they're going to do. Soon after that, all the big corporations all the big companies, starting with the big companies, let's say for instance automobile manufacturers are going to mandate vaccinations if you want to work. If you don't get a vaccination and you can't prove it, and you got to have definitive proof you just can't say I got it. They're gonna say. Adios. You can leave. Take with whatever you got with you and you're done. That's where it's gonna start. That's how it's gonna start and then this can trickle all the way down to the mom and pop places

where they serve food and beer. Okay. And here's where I feel sorry for anybody in the workplace. It's gonna be a hard decision to make. You've been at x for 20 years and if you don't get a vaccination, you lose your job and everything you've ever worked for, how do you feed your family. That's not a spot I'd want to be put in it'd be a hard call for me, I know that. And I, I feel for you all. Okay. I'm not there, so it's easy for me to say, I ain't getting it.

It's a hard one. There's no real short answer on how to get around this, because this is going to happen, folks. And I hope you share and subscribe to this video and share it to people because this is going to happen again it's my opinion. But I'm a realist. I can see they've got. They've got a brown bowl here and they're not gonna let go of it. They're gonna keep running with this until I get

what they want, sure people are gonna say well that's unlawful they can't do that well, I worked at a place, a hospital that if I didn't get my flu vaccination every year. You'd be out of a job. I mean, sure they can do it. Is there gonna be some unlawfulness to it. Sure. But if there's a million lawsuits. There'll be backlog for years. And in the process, you've lost your job and you do

the work. So sorry mosquitoes are biting me. I don't know what the answer is to it, although I know one of the answers that might work for us and that's to join together as a group, as an entity. Like a strike, you can call it a strike. Sure, but I've been on picket lines. I've struck, and I've watched the scabs walk right by me and get get their jobs. I've seen that, and then you fight for get your job back and it takes years, I've been there. I got that T shirt. And there's always a scab. There's always somebody that's willing to stick you in the back and take your job from you, there's always a scam. So I don't really know the answer. I don't know folks but I do know it's gonna come down to this, your job, your job or the vaccination. That's what it's gonna come down to. And these big corporations are going to jump right in the bandwagon because they're there right with the Cabal the way it is. Okay, so they're not going to think twice about putting you on that spot. Do you want a vaccination or you want your job. If you want your job you better get faxed. I'm sorry for all of you people, but they're not going to put this is not going to end. This is not ending. I'm sorry. We need to be realist. You need to be a realist like I am, and look at things for what's really going on.

I wish I had better and more optimistic outlook here but I don't see it happening people. I don't see it happening. The only thing we can do is band together. That's all we have is our strength is in our, in our groups in our convergence of our groups. That's our strength. And yes, there's going to be scabs crossing our picket line and yes there's going to be people lining up for the golden vaccine come. March or whenever it comes out. They're gonna be lighting up and they won't think twice about it. So it's gonna be a hard

nut to crack. If we can crack it. But our humanity is at stake because once you get bakst game's over for you. I'm sorry. Because nothing good is gonna be put into these vaccinations. They don't even know what this virus is. So how can you make a bloody vaccination record time for it, and spell especially with Bill Gates running the show. Yeah, he's looking out for a year well being in the best interest in mind. They're all these people that are doing nurse.

I really be lying for the vaccination. So, you do the math when you go to school, you should, because you're going to do the first one's going to roll up your sleeves. Okay. Government's gonna walk out for new maga good care about news and only me and my well being.

Right. Right. Well it's like I got enough battery for this. I'm glad. So please like and subscribe and share this video because out of all the videos I've got on my website on youtube this is probably one of the most important. This is what we can expect I don't think it's gonna be over this summer. They're not letting go with this bird. They're not gonna let go with this one. And I don't know what any administration can do to fight the big corporations when they say sorry mosquitoes are biting me. It's, it's your job or the vaccination Which one do you choose. I don't know, I don't know, I really don't know of a of an outcome. I don't I don't know how to counteract that again file a lawsuit yeah and it goes into the pile of millions and it takes 20 years to get resolved. And by then you've got obviously you've

starve to death. So I wish I had better and more optimistic things but i'm not i'm not i'm not i don't suffer from depression. I suffer from realism. And you need to see what's going on.

Tell them people. Peace out.