Hello, folks, I'm going to call this audio cast. You can't take it with you. And It's a pretty simple audio cast. It's about priorities. And our people in this world got them all mixed up, or at least a lot of people do. Everybody struggles for the biggest and the best and the most. I've got the biggest house, I've got the best motor job, I've got the largest 401k, I've got the largest bank account, I have more and more and more and more and more than anybody else. So I'm better than anybody else. Well, folks, hate to break it to you. But guess what? when it all comes down to the end, we all go to pass on to the next life. All that stuff you have, you're not taking a red cent with you. So why stress yourself out of picking it and gaining it. Because there is something you definitely will take with you to the next life. Or the next round, however you want to look at it. You're here to learn. We're here to experience And you will take all of those experiences with you.
The loves, the disappointments, the beauty,

All of that all those experiences will enhance your consciousness for your next time and your next round. But anything materialistic I Hate to break the news. You won't take it with you. So why is it so important? Why Do you miss experiencing? understanding, Seeing the beauty of everything around you In exchange for wealth, possessions. Folks, you're not taking any of it with you. Let's Be realistic. Wouldn't it be better to enhance what you are going to take with you experience things, see the beauty, Feel smell, touch, love, understand, appreciate all that going with you to the next round, And the next round And the next round. And the next round. You get the picture.

Thank you. Bye