Today's Topic: Society and Casting
Carrying on with yesterdays EGO topic, this tends much the same.
Here's the scenario your in a restaurant and your friend introduces you to someone new. What typically is the first "ice Breaking" question out of our mouth's???
..What do you do?
Who really cares and here's why. We typically ask that question so we can cast someone based on their position. We then assertain(usually subconsciously- EGO-)whether or not their ranking in society will benefit us. In other words if I associate with someone that society deems as high ranking, important etc than that will increase my "casting" in society as well. I really could care less who they are but want to use them to increase my status.EGO EGO EGO
We all do it and its pathetic. Who has ever taken the time to look past their status and honestly find out who the human is behind all that?
Society wants us all "ranked" ie Captain, Major, General etc
Far to often when a person enters a restaurant/bar or what ever and someone asks who is that typical answer is "oh thats the Bank President", or "Thats the FBI Agent", or "Thats the airline pilot".
What have we come to? The homeless person probably has more to offer society than those with rank and status but yet we still pay no attention to them :(
Casting is nothing but a method to increase our stature. Society must put you into a "pigeon hole" and you must live there!
Awareness if the first step in making any changes.
We can all make changes once we understand why we do things !