Hello, Today I want to call this podcast
  Evil, and the devil, or
  what that really is.
  It kind of sounds Inspiring. But I'd like to distinguish what evil is, or the devil, as we've always been taught our whole life. When you hear the word evil, or the devil, The first thing that comes to mind is big horns, Red, Pitchfork, and steals your soul. You know what we've been taught as a kid, Even though we've been taught through religion. But I'm here to say this is all false, doesn't exist, that's created by dogmatic religions to keep us in line and to control us to keep fear instilled within us. Now, I'm not saying that evil does not exist, it does understand from other articles that there has to be duality in this world so we can learn. In other words, if there's good there has to be if there is evil, there has to be good so we can compare and contrast. Well, it does exist, folks,
  but that we don't
  talk not how we've been shown it
  in church or in any of our books, or how it's been over emphasized on mainstream media TV.
  years ago, there was war, the Falkland Islands. Many of you may be tuning out to remember that it was fought by the English yet, I guess the people in the Falkland Islands now much was said about it. It was short lived. It didn't last long. Well, they never really told everybody what's the real reason why the Falkland Islands were invaded by the British.
  There had been
  a substance found on the Falkland Islands that look just like oil, black goo, they call it black goo. It looked like that toil. And this was the epitome of evil. This is what evil looks like. It's a black, gooey, oily substance. And what it comes in contact with living or sentient beings, ie people. It does things to them. It doesn't steal doesn't make them turn into zombies and mindless killing robots and zombies like, like the mainstream media and Hollywood make out to believe, but what it does do what needs does do to us and didn't plant seeds. And the seeds are seeds of self worthlessness. The seeds like I'm not good enough, or you'll never be able to achieve that. You're not fast enough. You're not smart enough. You're not tall enough. You're not strong enough. The list goes on and on and on. These are seeds of self DC their self defeating PLEASE LISTEN TO EVIL3 AT THE TOP   Good afternoon, folks.
  Today I'm going to make a recording only of something which is extremely extremely, extremely important. I don't know if the recording will be clipped because it's probably going to be relatively long, it's gonna take me some time to explain myself, I may get paused in the middle, we may have to break it into three. But please listen to your just recording or the next three or whatever it is in its entirety. Because this is important for everybody to understand and know right now.
  I want to tell you the situation
  that I had a few days back.
  And What I learned from what I saw, For me, it took me a day to understand and recover from this, this meeting. Let me set the scenario in the tone. I am vacationing back in my old hometown of when I was a child. I stay in a hotel room that's probably 10 miles away from my actual childhood
  And I ride my pedal bike around all day. That's my main mode of transportation because I can get on my bike and go to the beach and hang out at the park. I don't need to drive a car. So
  the car stays put
  And I'm on my bike. on my bike is a bike rack. And on that rack, I've got two bags, bungee down one bag is my is my as this is our foldable chair, and the other is a hammock that I lay in frequently. So
  on Facebook, that on Facebook,
  I connected with a childhood friend of mine who just happened to live right across the street from my house
  When I was a child
  and someone I haven't
  talked to for 45 years.
  I'm 64 my childhood friend is 62. I'm not going to mention names.
  No names have been mentioned.
  And he mentioned that he
  was going to be in the area camping. He comes up here every year to go camping. And then we can hook up and connect and reminisce about old times.
  I thought that would be a great idea.
  So we did it. I rode my bike down to a bar that had an outside band. And that's where we were we agreed to meet. We start we met I got down there he showed up about 15 minutes later. And I'm really don't drink.
  I'm not a drinker.
  I don't enjoy the taste of alcohol period. I don't I don't enjoy it. I have had my share of it, but I don't really drink. I haven't probably had drink in a year. But one of his first questions is via used to drink beer and and sort of this thing on my heart should have said which is no I'll just have a glass water. I said Yeah, go ahead. Yeah, I drink beer. And I sipped and sip and sip. So we sat for hours. We started about two o'clock in the afternoon and time just went. And all we did is reminisce joked about old times and old friends in high school. Two things you would think that you would do When you haven't seen somebody for close to 45 years.
  And I proceeded to drink and drink and we both
  got pretty pretty Lyft his mother, where he was staying in the home right across from my childhood home. Stopped down a few times and I reminisced with her right, everybody was happy. There wasn't much conversation about what what are you doing now? It was more about our childhood friends and old people we knew. And a couple of his friends came in from high school and they reminisce that's really all it was. It was very upbeat. It was very cordial. There was not much of Hey, who are you today? What are you doing today? What's your life about none of that nothing was never never talked about. So time went on. And I pretty much lost track of time because we were just having fun. And just, again, doing what you would expect you be doing with someone you haven't seen in 45 years. Well, we elected to go and go into their car, His mother was driving the car, go out to their home, have a few more drinks and keep reminiscing and I don't know the time, it must have been 10 or 1112. Somewhere in that neighborhood. Again, I lost total track of time. I was
  okay, but I was told by him, But You better get your bags first. Now, in my recollection, I never mentioned bags on my bike. And after after I've had probably half a dozen small little beers, I'm sure I would have forgotten that. And they would have been perfectly fine. his bike was locked to a post normal is going to steal it. And I don't know someone would have stole the bags. But he told me you better get those banks. I never thought twice about it. So now I have three bags, the two of them carrying in my backpack, which has got everything in there I met my keys, my money, my cell phone, everything.
  My backpack trying to smaller bags.
  Okay. So we proceeded to get in the car. And now this is when things start going weird. I started having a pretty my gut tells me this is I'm not feeling right about this. I'm not feeling right about this. He's in the front seat with his mother, I'm in the backseat with my three but my backpack and two bags. So we get out to the old neighborhood and his mother stops for some reason at a house where this young man live that I haven't seen since he was probably eight years old. I'm not gonna mention his name. But he wanted to stop there. So we stopped there. And we got to meet him. And he banged on the doors till this guy showed up. And he had a bang a bunch of times. He didn't just come to the door, but he finally came to the door. And we went inside, sat in the kitchen for a while talked about old times. And then we went out they went out to proceed to do other stuff. Not going to mention what it was. But it was other stuff. And I was there and about a little bit through it. I started getting I felt sick, my stomach felt like it was going to throw up. So I said Guys, show me the way out here. Because I'm feeling second, I need to go outside. I don't want to throw up in your house. So They showed me the way and I went I went and they both proceeded to follow me out. And I said you know I'm just feeling ill. I'm only four houses away from your house. I've talked to my friend. Let me just walk. Let me walk clear my head. It's not like I didn't know where I was coming. for god sakes. I'd been there my whole life. And things started to feel like deja vu in the twilight zone. It was odd. Here I am. It's dark. And I'm walking through my old neighborhood. Oh, it just it just felt. I don't know what the word is surrealistic. Maybe it's the word. So I started walking back. Now my friend. I use that term loosely. My friend did not walk with me shoulder to shoulder. He apparently was behind me for a while. Because all of a sudden I hear these. These these terms, the commands. Stop right now. Stop walking. Put your hands up, Cece. I mean, I thought it was
  honestly I thought it was a cop behind me.
  Because it sounded identical to a cop.
  And I'm thinking Well, what am I doing wrong? I'm walking,
  what am I got to stop?
  Then I looked back. And out of the darkness literally, Out of the Shadows came my friend. And I said, Why are you saying that? What do you mean stop, I have all the right to walk and belittle him and started. This wasn't somebody I knew I was being called every name under the book. I was been called f this f that I can't I can't
  put it down here. I said
  you don't have the right to tell me to stop walking. I remember
  his reply, I have to tell you anything.
  I said Why are you talking to me like that? That's about as high as my voice ever got? And I asked over and over? Why are you treating me like this? Why are you talking to me like this?
  There wasn't a hostility anywhere
  in there. It didn't exist until now. It was out of the clear blue? I never got an answer to that. Except I could treat you any way I want to treat you. I said No, you can't. I said I'm a human being you can't do that to me. And I kept walking. And we ended up walking back to the house. And things just escalated. They escalated. The talk just got worse. The name calling it eventually got up in my face, calling me everything. And then when he said the words to edit, this isn't verbatim basically what he said is you're getting too close. And I'm going to make sure you don't get there and I'm gonna, I'm going to drop you or something like that. I'm going to stop you basically. And then the light bulb went on in my head. I knew what he was talking about. He knew what he was talking about. He knew what I was doing
  on my journey.
  He knew me or it know me. He knew me knew what I was doing. And I was getting too close. And it was supposed to stop. That's when I realize something's not quite right. Well, I knew that a little bit earlier. But that's when I realized who was talking to I'm not talking to my friend anymore. He isn't there. But somebody else's. And I told I was told I'm getting too close. And they're going to make sure he's going to make sure he knocks me down I think we're his words or brings me down something that extent
  that I realized
  when I'm always heard what I've always taught, free will and you have the right to say no. And I said No you won't.
  I said okay.
  We started going into the house. And I don't know why I went into the house. I went into the house. My gut says you need to get out of here right now. So I said I'm leaving. And they
  know you don't you don't have to go. I'm leaving.
  Okay, let me leave. I got outside. Oh, he came to Bling, bling bling. Started in him. The name calling started again. I said you know what? I'm done with this and I'm done with you. I'm walking back home. Oh, sure. You will you effing old man. You're not going to walk in midnight, eight miles, which is what it was back home. So they thought they thought they had a captive audience. I said Yes, I will. So I started walking. There's a little store on my way out maybe three blocks from the house. I stopped at the store, and I bought a bottle of water. I knew I need the water for the walk and it was midnight out wasn't raining for orginally talk to the cashier. And she says to me, and I remember her words where I heard how he was talking to you. So she must have been outside having a cigarette or something. I said, Yeah, I don't understand why he treated me that way. I was totally. For the first part. I was totally ambivalent to why would a friend you haven't seen for almost 50 years, treat you this way and talk to you this way. There was no need for. But she had heard it too. Then I realized, Oh, no. Oh, no. All my bags were still back in their car at that house. And I knew I had to go back and get them. So I started walking back and I felt a presence. And I look backwards, or the shadows. There he has. And he starts on me again. As we're walking, I understand. He never came up and walked in me shoulder to shoulder, he always stayed in the back and came out of the bloody shadows. It's exactly where he came from. Wasn't down the street was out of the bloody. So the little bit started, but I was aware of what I was doing at this point. I mean, I was aware of what I was dealing with. So he finally got to the house. And I said, I want my bags back right now. Thank you. There was no argument. Poof, the bags where there were no question of it. They did it. Because I said and stated. That's what I wanted. I want my bags back right now. Thank you. That was very polite to this person. I call him sir quite a bunch of times. And in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have. But I did because that's who I am. So I got the bags. And we started having a conversation again, the moment started I remember me saying these words to something like this is I have free will and I can choose. And his words were you do not
  have free will and you're not going to choose Damn it.
  You do not have free will? I said Yes, we do. I said and people are starting to wake up every day about you. And they're going to figure you out. And his temperament escalated to fold.
  He was mad before.
  Now he was really mad.
  So I hit a nerve when I said I had free will. And you're going to be figured out about that time best of my recollection my backpack and grab my bag, took off and started walking. That was the end of it. That was the end of it. There was no calls the next day is how you doing? Did you make it home? I'm sorry, I was a jerk. You know, I shouldn't have said those things to you. I was total it was total bewilderment when this happened, because that should have never happened. Number one, no one, a man I haven't talked to in almost 50 years did not know my life like this one did. He knew my life. I could sense it. I could feel it. When I said I have free will. I could sense the return answer. And I believe it was something like you do not having I said yes, we all do. I mean, he knew I could sense that he knew exactly what I was talking about. And who I was dealing with. Now I hold no animosity towards this man. Okay, I'll never see him again the rest of my life. And I'll make sure that, but I don't hold any animosity. I don't blame him. I pray for him. And hopefully
  he can get his soul fixed.
  I pray for him.
  For both him and his mother. I hope
  whatever the issue is,
  whatever's going on here. I hope they get it resolved. So my prayers are for them. Although I'll be it, I will never ever deal with him again the rest of my life or his mother. This is my situation. This is what happened. I met evil
  the other day and I talked with it.
  folks, the one thing you got to remember,
  and I remember this from
  my awakening,
  you have the right to say no. What you demand must be done. They cannot not do it. And I was a perfectly when I demanded my bags. Under no circumstances. I want them I want them now they were there. Okay, when I said no, I'm not going to stay in this house,
  I was out the door.
  So remember, this comes in very, very, very strange ways.
  This was a strange way for me.
  But I know what I was dealing with. And I know it's a learning
  process. And there's a reason why
  I have or was put in this situation
  to help you to inform you
  to help me grow.
  To tell others, you have the right to say no, just do it. Remember, the only thing you will can do is plant a seed of doubt in your mind the rest has
  to be done by you willfully.
  And if you say No, I do not accept you. I do not want you. They cannot go any for
  they're powerless.
  So that's my story. And I hope it helps people. Because this is probably the biggest story I've ever had on this
  And I'm going to put it there. So God bless y'all. Keep your awakening going and I'll talk to you soon.