Okay, let's discuss duality. What is duality. Well, it definitely is a man made construct... duality is the principle of up and down, left and right. Yes and no. Plus or minus. Good and Evil, etc etc etc. , you get the idea. Everything in society is dualistic welll almost anyway.  It's either one or the other, you only have two choices.Is this totally true
.Are there really only two choices in life.And where did these two choices come from.I say they came from. Humanity, we created these. It started probably many many years ago in religion. With the good versus evil. Either you're a good person and you go to heaven, or you're a bad person and you go to hell. duality, everything is too.But it doesn't have to be that way. Sometimes I think it can be both. Let's think of a typical scenario in which maybe both are right, and it doesn't have to be one or the other.A typical situation, let's say there is a poor family that's in dire need of water, and they're dying of thirst. A person walks by and doesn't have the money.
Let's try this scenario, let's say there's a family that is in need of water, and they don't have the money to purchase water and they can't get it any other way. Just a scenario. So, an innocent bystander. A good samaritan comes by, goes into a store and steals a bottle of water to give it to the family, so they don't die of thirst. You're going to ask yourself in the typical duality based world. That is wrong. He stole old. But my question is, did he steal, or did he steal and give it to someone to save their life. So, could this scenario both be right and wrong. At the same time,I believe there is many situations in this world in which it doesn't have to be one or the other, but both will equally apply. And we should start looking at those, get out of this mindset that we've been taught our entire life, even to this last minute, that it's either this or that you're they're guilty or not guilty. But what if it can be both. Let's think about that, let's apply that to our lives, and maybe spiritually. This will help us.