But the word entitlement means it's something they're giving you so they can just as easily turn around and take that something away, and they want to today. So there's a real problem with the term entitlements, Medicare, Medicaid, most of us spend our entire lives, paying for high priced health insurance. And then we work turn 65 we're forced to give up our paid plans and get on the entitlement Medicare, Medicaid, which they want to change. Again, if it's labeled as an entitlement. It can be taken away anytime. One of their entitled entitlements Can you think of that are out there. I don't know I can't think of right now anymore, but those two and then I want to stress social security because, again, I'm getting to that age in life where I put an awful lot in, and I want an awful lot back out. Well, Social Security, you earned it. It's yours. It's not an entitlement Don't let them fool you. Okay, what else they were, they did they consider that, that you know, maybe on the chopping block. And this is where we get into Medicare and Medicaid. So why can't we keep our insurance or health insurance. Why are we forced to, to, to, to take it. If we have a better health insurance plan. Why don't we gotta take it, but they force you to take it. And then once you're there, you are now subject to the entitlement rule, where they can dangle over your head. We have the ability, since it's an entitlement to take this away from you anytime. Be careful folks in labels. They throw them out there, politicians throw them out there frivolously. Oh, it's only this it's only that don't believe a word they're saying when they label something strictly as an entitlement. That Garner's with it, the perspectives of being able to at any point in time at anyone's will and whim, to take it away from you. So I don't like the word entitlement. But I wanted to create an article and talk about entitlements, especially the Social Security entitlement because I'm in that process right now, as I'm sure a lot of my, my, a lot of people are. It can never be considered an entitlement. And while I'm on the term of Social Security, let me just throw this out. What's with this. If you're collecting social security and you still decide to work part time. We're going to penalize you for that. What's with that. I'm getting my money back. And I like to do a part time job, and you're going to penalize me take my money away for me. What's with that. I guess we could do a whole article about social security but this one, focuses around the word entitlement. Don't let the politicians folks use that are starting to classify at least social security as an entitlement, because once they do, once it's classified as an entitlement. That will give them full reins to pull the rug out from under all of us at any point at any time. That's what this article is about. Thank you.