Hello everybody.

I'm going to put out this video when it's called globalism will fail. And spoiler alert, there's probably gonna be some rough language in here because I get a little bit worked up when I talk about this stuff. So be prepared globalism let's define that word first of all globalism is the One World Order the New World Order one government, one policing, one military, one financial system one. That's all it is globalism.

Bernie Sanders loves globalism. Okay. And we were being set up for many, many, many years. The Obamas the Bush's the Clintons. We were being set up to be a globalist ik world. And guess who would be the rulers For the elite, I hate using that term because they're nothing but a bunch of pricks, but who would be the puppeteers? Sure, the Cabal, okay, the non human cabal, but we were being set up for so long and all what it taken was eight more years of Clinton to put a nail in our coffin. Okay, and we'd have been done. Fortunately, that did not happen. We've got somebody right now standing up for the United States. Putting a nail in their coffin.

Now, let's talk about the Cronin line virus. If anybody out there thinks that this was not manmade, you best take a hike because you're not gonna understand anything else about on this video. This was designed By the I hate your frickin term. The Elite pricks the Cabal. Okay to force globalism of everything. Look how they're pushing the World Health Organization troll this epidemic spread. They want that to be the global center point worldwide and the administration in the United States to say no, we're going to handle it ourselves. We're going to close our borders. We're going to do our own screening. We're going to take care of it. The United States is the last strong venue that will put a nail in the globalist stick pricks, coffin. Mark my words it's going to happen And what really upsets me and excuse me for my vulgarity.

These cabal members that are not happy with the control of a country but want to control the frickin world and they don't care who They hurt. They don't care who they kill. They don't care who they financially destroy. Just so these pricks can maintain their control over you and I control everything. They don't care. I don't believe they're human because a human cannot possibly in my mind, think about That way to their brothers and sisters. I just don't see it. Aren't humans can't be this cold. They just can't be and calloused. But these pricks are and they're going to get it because this whole series Did they set off? His getting kicked him in? Yes. And globalism will fail. Understand again, this whole pandemic we're supposed to create a globalist world. This is their last coffin. This is our awakening
On a sidebar, there was amazing Polly, who did some research and I've talked about her before and she looked into something that happened two years ago. We've talked about agenda 21 This is called program two. Oh One and I believe the headline was a global pandemic exercise and they had a bunch of creeps around the table.

I don't want to call your creeps. And if you listen to those videos, and I wish I could find the link, maybe I can't listen to what They talk about it is exactly to a tee. What is happening right now in the world  to a tee. They talk, how they're going to push the agenda, how they're going to use social distancing, how they're can use social media, everything that they talked about. That would be the way to implement their program 201 is happening right now. to a tee Folks, it's in your face. And you need to make up your mind for yourselves. See this for what the hell it is. We're going to get through this. We're going to come out of this stronger. We're going to come out of this as the pinnacle of the world, and the rest of the countries are gonna look up to us and ask us how did you do it or follow our lead?

model, but it's going to take the United States and thank God for that one. Thank God for that one. Because if that which would have gotten in, we'd have been done right now. Look look China's already doing they're threatening to cut off our our Antibiotics supply that of which they produce 90% of it. What is wrong with this frickin picture? A lot. We need to understand Laura angle, angle, Fox News
So we need to understand and never forget when this is over because it will be. We need to get these things back here the United States we need to make our own pharmaceutical sphere, our own manufacturing here, everything that we've given to China. We did this Make it right here. And if you say, well, it's gonna be more expensive United States. Look at the amount of money everybody's lost the last month in the stock market.

So what if it costs $1 more but it's made in USA. This is something lesson we cannot afford to forget. It's got to come back here. We've got to make it here. We have got to become a sovereign country, not dependent on China. Now that we also say this, the Chinese people have nothing to do with this. You cannot hate the Chinese people for this. They do. did not do this to us. It was a deep state that's controlling the puppets that are controlling that.

The Chinese government like it controlled North Korea and Iran. Okay, those are the ones. Please don't blame the Chinese people for that. Because you can see they're being used as pawns. They didn't care how many of them died from this epidemic in this virus, they don't care. They don't care about anything. That's why I say these people are evil. They're not human. Because a human could not do that to your brothers and sisters. At least I couldn't I see no I don't care but I don't want power. I don't want control over somebody. I want everybody to enjoy their life. Enjoy the planet of theirs. Enjoy loving one another. That's what I want. I don't need control over somebody. I don't need more
than anybody else, and nobody else should either. But they're not happy with a little bit they did have now they're gonna lose everything.

Yes, they are traders and you know we do to traders, they ought to be rounded up. I'm not going to say the words they ought to be rounded up. When this is all said and done. Each and every one of them But then again, if we got rid of them off of planet Earth, they're not humans anyhow, as far as I'm concerned. You know, I've heard a lot of other people say the same thing. So here's my point. people realize Slow down, allow this administration to take care of this. They will. It's gonna be fine. Okay, it's gonna be fine this won't be the end of the globalism. I don't know if they have another straw in their quiver. I'm sure they put all their cards on the table on this one. And they've just been royal flushed.

So relax. Open your mind. See this for what it is, this should be your awakening. If you do not awaken and you do not see what's really going on with everything out there right now I don't know if there's much hope for you folks. Because it's right in front of you. It's right in front of your face. You'd need look at it for what it really is. Take every thing you've been taught, learn it, push it aside and look at this with an open mind. And think, what if? Well, yeah, what if this was designed for globalist stick takeover What if It's in your face people. It's being thrown at you. And they think you're stupid. They think you're sheep and you don't have a mind of your own. Show them different that you do. realize this for what it is. Open your mind with it. I'm gonna have a drink of tea. I'm sitting outside, everything is clear. where I'm at.

That's okay. If that's what it takes. Okay? Yeah, I don't want to go on forever to three weeks. I'm cool with that we can all survive or remember globalism will fail. with that. I bid you adieu ask that you go to our website like and subscribe please. I think is over here. We not me. It's also Mitchell Meyer calm and there's a link on that site to my YouTube channel, which is the we not me one. A lot of stuff going on. Don't pay

We're all gonna get out of this. Okay. Thank you