Good afternoon, folks.
  I want to create another article, this is going to be a self help article, a little bit different than what normally put on this site but this article I hope can help somebody that listens to it that was in the same situation that I'm in.
  So, let me preface this with a few terms.
  I want to call this article. The knight in shining armor syndrome, knight in shining armor syndrome will explain that in a minute.
  It's for people like myself, who have definitively without a shadow of a doubt.
  Born and raised and have abandonment issues. In other words, you were in a home as a child, in which you felt abandoned, there was no love. I think we've gone over this before, no one ever hugged you no one ever kissed you. Subsequently, we have abandonment issues and I have that to this day.
  So if you had a bad abandonment issues, continue listening. Please, in your childhood, or the entire life.
  If when you watched the movie cartoon. I don't know anything on TV.
  And it was about the knight in shining armor, who saved the damsel in distress at the end. And it made you feel good. May the hair in the back of your neck. Stand up, and you could relate to this entity. This quote unquote this knight in shining armor syndrome. If you could relate to that. You really need to keep listening to this, because this is where I have been for 64 years.
  And finally coming to the realization and understanding of what this is all about. Yeah it is due to the original abandonment issue.
  But the knight in shining armor syndrome is a syndrome where you feel pain for others, and you want to help them.
  You want to help them, you want to make them feel better, you want to get them, and you want to be the night that saves them and makes them feel better. No matter what it takes.
  And this has been my life. 64 years of this higher can remember a relationship, way, way long time ago when I was probably 19 or 20 years old.
  There was a girl much younger than I, who was involved in a fire incident and she ended up burning one of her hands, I wouldn't say severely. But enough to see it.
  And when that was all said and done, she was very subconscious about it, she'd walk around with her hand hidden or covered up, and I felt bad for sure, because I was a knight in shining armor right.
  So we got together and formed a relationship. and I helped her beat that bad feeling about herself helped her overcome that.
  I don't know what the correct word is overcome that shyness about her hand not not covering it up it's, it is what it is, it is ok. So I saved her.
  Then I went on with my life and my life continues in this process for roughly 64 years until now, because I'm done being the knight in shining armor here I'll tell you why.
  Folks, you can't help everybody.
  What you will do if you are the knight in shining armor syndrome is you will pick relationships and people that need to be fixed. And they will suck you dry have everything you have. And never leave you anything for yourself, to help yourself. Think of yourself as a gas filling station.
  They will take all of your gas, leave nothing for you.
  And then, when all the gas is gone, or you finally did smart to what's going on and say I'm done, they will call you, selfish and a narcissist.
  And these terms do nothing but for an abandonment issue type individual that cut right to the bone.
  You do not want to be called that if you have abandonment issues. That hurts, but they don't care. They didn't have those issues. And you are now not providing them what they needed, which is your energy to fix them. So they're going to call you anything they can and do anything they can to get you back in, you need to say, I'm done.
  I'm done fixing other people, I am going to fix myself now. That is not narcissistic. That is not selfish and don't let anybody tell you that it is because it is not. We all have the right to help ourselves. Just because we're not giving to others anymore. See, they've been so used to taking these people can spot you out of a million people. They can spot you like you have a big red flag and top of your head and they know. This is a giver, he's going to try to fix me. I can suck the lifeblood I could take the gas out of him until there's no more left and then I'll go on to the next one. Because I don't care about them.
  It is a process you end up getting hurt. The night, you end up getting hurt. You have no energy left to fix yourself or find out about yourself. Stop this. Stop this now. Tell your higher self. This no longer serves me. I no longer wish this in my life. This no longer serves me and I'm beyond that.
  So that's what this article is about understand these people are out there. I don't know what syndrome they have but obviously they have the sucking syndrome. They do not care as long as they get their needs, needs met, whether or not he leaves any left for you. Take it back, folks. Take it back. Forget about that knight in shining armor, there is no such thing. You cannot do this for everybody. You need to do it for yourself, and you need to start right now. Thank you.