Morning, folks, the summers winding down.
Beginning of September. My light meant here and asking how but I wanted to talk about something that I've heard a lot about, read a lot about listening a lot about. That's called a specific law called the law of attraction. Apparently it governs the universe.

It's everywhere It is, it is a law, it is a viable laws called the law of attraction. Now, the first thing you're going to say, or we're going to probably think is the law of attraction as well. I attract good looking people. Now, it's got nothing to do with that nothing to do with what you think it does, or what we've been told the whole lives is about. But it really does govern our everyday lives. Since we are the creators. of everything you see, everything you touch, everything you hear, everything you smell, everything you feel. We are the collective creators of all of this. What the law of attraction basically says is you attract what you give out. Okay? In other words, if you have an optimistic, upbeat philosophy and things, you're going to attract good things back. Now, on the other side, if you are depressed and have a glass is half empty and negative connotation on things, You're going to attract those two. So what the beautiful thing about the law of attraction is each and every one of us, has the ability built within us to attract great things for us. We just have to feel, give out great exude great feelings, and more good stuff will come back to us. And this world, it's hard to do sometimes. Because we've been so compartmentalize so brainwashed into thinking what was me. Media is telling us how the world is falling, and it's coming apart. It's hard. But it behooves us, each and every one of us when we feel negative things, to shift that focus to something positive and say I'm only going to think positive things today. Good things will come back. And while I'm on this, I guess I could do another video about this. But the I've already got water in about here. It's called there is no such thing as coincidences. Today, I was shopping for my candy bar, like I always do. That's my treat for myself on a daily basis. And I walked in and what do I do? I hear a song playing in the music. Stevie Wonder's I called because I love you. I just called because I wanted to say I love you. I think that was a song. And it just rang home. And I started singing it and it felt good. Now that music, that song was being played for a reason. Most people would just pass it off as a song playing in the background. But I didn't. Because I know there's no coincidences. The law of attraction and coincidences, They work together. Good things came back. It was saying, I love you. You're good. You're good. I love you.

And that's what I got from listening to that song. But understand, this law of attraction is a universal law. It never changes.

You don't have to do anything special to make it work. All you gotta understand is what you think how you feel is what's coming back to you in this world. The Law of Attraction has nothing to do with that opposites attract, blah, blah, blah, stuff we've always been told. Now. It's saying that when we came into this world, We had the ability to have the ability to make this world beautiful for each and every one of us. We've just got to attract that back. And We do that by raising our vibration, bringing our thoughts and our emotions up. Getting them out of what was me and life is bad life is what the old saying, Oh, you don't know life is death and taxes. Yeah. Okay. Forget that. Life is beautiful. Find The sheer beauty and everything attracted back to you and it will come because that's the way the universe is designed. You can't lose the law of attraction. We've all got it. It's the law of this universe. So use it. Bring back good things to you. Listen to these things that are happening. See these things that are happening. Thank you.