Morning folks. I want to call this audio test lies and deceit. I think one of the most. I don't want to call it an attribute. But one of the largest problems the human race has is the ability to lie to others, to create deceit amongst one another.
We can look at somebody straight in the eyes and lie to them. Can you imagine what a world would be if we knew and others were lying, or we never had the ability to lie, wouldn't we be much, much better off think the world would be in, where we always had to tell the truth, or if we didn't tell the truth. Others would know for sure whether or not we were lying.

Why lie, or the whole idea behind lying is to get something your way to keep your control over others. There's a heart of it to make you feel better, but it's mostly control. It's all about control. If I lie I get control over others, they will follow me thinking I'm telling them the truth.

And our society is terrible. Look at the garbage you hear in the mainstream media today. Politicians lying bankers lying heads of state lying, etc etc It goes on and on and on. And what is all this research they're doing today about finding out lies.

I mean when your elected officials lie to you. Time after time when they lie to you in a flagrant lie that you know is not true, but yet they still maintain that lie. Could you imagine what this world would be if we couldn't lie, or at least if we had the ability to tell if someone was lying there would be no courts. Because what is the court to find out who's telling the truth.

Our biggest Achilles heel. As a human race is the ability to lie.  I think that's a problem. Let's look at it in a different perspective. I mean, We know everyone lies and the line is condemned.

It's even condoned so much. There is a, probably the number one reality TV show. And I'm not going to name it. Okay, it's all about people on an island. Okay. And the whole idea behind the show is who is the better liar. Who can look at somebody in the face and create deceit lie to them the best, the best liar wins the prize. So what does that tell society, what does that tell youngsters, what does that tell us. Lying is good. And the better liar, you are the farther, you're going to get in this world.

So here we go. Here's that continuous wheel of lying and deceit. And I'm going to get farther and I'm going to have more than others. And I'm going to control them. I mean it's everywhere, folks. It's sad.

It's sad now. Am I the perfect Angel and if I ever told the lie. Absolutely.

Although at this stage of my life. I'm trying to clean that up, because I realized how wrong it really is. I hope you came to. Did you only imagine how good the world would be if people could not lie.

We would be soul, less dysfunctional. If we couldn't. In other words, if we could read people's minds. We know, then you're lying to me.

It doesn't feel good to be lied to. It doesn't feel good being the liar. Because it's wrong when you lie to somebody and you get that ache in your gut, or your heart, your heart's telling you. You shouldn't be doing this, but yet you continue to do it why to gain control over somebody else and that's all there is to it, folks.

To gain control over somebody else.  Turn your TV on.  You'll see 99.9% lies.  Watch it. Open your eyes. That's really all I have to say about this. Look at the shows how they propagate lying. That makes you when you're going to be the big winner we're all going to celebrate your winnings because you were the best liar. Come on.

That's not what life's about folks, because I'm going to stop talking now.