Hello everybody. Hi. Yes, I'm in a different venue. I don't have my stand and I can't go outside and record this because it's raining. So I'm going to be moving around with the camera and try to get the best shot. It looks like it's gonna have to be over here. This is a new video and I want to call it. Love is like a rock. And I think there's a song about loving a rock. Hmm. But anyways, I'm not plagiarizing from that, it's my own ideas, as I got as I was walking today called Love is like a rock. And let's think about a nice brown rock reasonably heavy that everybody's got when they're born and as they grow up, and eventually that rock becomes a fruition. I don't know what age, some people younger some people older, and you can take that rock and you can balance it on this little pedestal and all that rock which is your love life is sitting on that pedestal and you meet someone and they have a love rock, and there's this balancing of their pedestal. You're all happy you just get together. So, the honeymoon stage is really going on right now and everything is just perfect. You don't think it'll ever get any better and you have found the right mate, you're convinced of that. And your rocks are just perfect on each of the pedestals. But as time goes on, you get out of the honeymoon stage, something may happen somewhere and one of the two mates is going to hurt the other person maybe deliberately, maybe not deliberately, I don't know, but when they do that it's like taking a rock hammer and chipping off a little bit of the rock of that person, and it falls to the floor. Now, question number one can that damage debris in the floor ever go back up and be part of the rock again. Not in my scenario. It's gone. It is gone. And it's laying on the floor. Okay, no problem. life goes on and. Now the other person hurts the other person and chip a little bit of their rock off, see what's going on here. Life goes on and keeps getting better and then worse and then better and then worse, more and more chipped off. eventually, eventually gets to a point where somebody rock is out of balance because they've been chipped off so much, it falls off the pedestal and now in with the debris. What does that mean. Well essentially what it should mean, at that point, but not always. Is that relationship is over and it's time to move on. Because you could pick that rock back up, put it back up on that pedestal and balanced the best you can, it, it makes a balanced for a day a year a week, a month. But eventually, it's gonna fall off again. And you could do it again, over and over again with the same results and what's the definition of insanity. Yeah you know what it is. Okay. So you're best off at this point to pick that rock up and say, let's move on. I don't want to hurt you anymore. I don't want you to hurt me anymore. Let's go forward. And we move on. Now, As we move on, we're carrying a unbalanced rock with us. So we find a new partner, and we put our rock up there. And last fall, it falls off again, because the rock is still unbalanced. Because we have not forgiven those that have hurt us. We have not come to terms with the hurt that we did, and that was done to us. We've all been there. So you say to yourself, Well, can this rock ever regrow. I'm gonna say yes and no. Some people may be strong enough in their beliefs and convictions and their forgiveness. This rock can roll back, how long I don't know, months, weeks, years, years. Never. I don't know, as your rock rolling back, because we've all done damage, especially at our age. We are perfect. We've all damaged other people's rocks, and they've damaged ours. Are we carrying around a broken unbalanced rock with us. And if we are. Maybe we should get it fixed. And that's through self enlightenment self introspection, forgiveness, understanding of why what happened or why it happened. And the big thing is forgive this because we're not perfect beings and we hurt one another. If we just do it sometimes it's delivered but most of the time it's not delivered. But we chip away at somebody's rock until it falls off the pedestal. And then essentially that relationship is over. Don't keep trying to put that rock, that's broken and fallen off the pedestal backup. Because you're going to just go over and over and over and over the same scenario do get me ever been there. Yeah. So Love is like a rock cherish that rock. Understand that person's rock, don't do any damage to why you want to chip away at it and get to the point where it may fall off its pedestal. Don't do that. easy for me to say right. If your rock has been damaged. Try to make it feel try to make a girl back. It may take some time. Not saying it can't be done, but it may take some time, but have the understanding when you're in a new relationship. Don't chip away at one another frocks, because when those pieces fall off. They're never going to go back on, and eventually the rock will fall off the pedestal and that should signify the end of the relationship. So, is it all gloom and doom. No, no, it can be fixed. If you want it to be fixed or do you want to go around the rest of your life carrying an unbalanced half rock, that's your choice, but it can be fixed. Okay, so, love is like a rock. What do you think, like and subscribe below the channel. There's more videos like this, at that website which you should see down here right now. Go to share these videos they're here to help you. They're here to make some sense. They're here to make it easier to understand things, I guess. So with that being said, Love is like a rock. Thank you. Have a good day.