The "root of all evil" coming soon. This is a hot topic and a frustrating one also. Money what is it really? Does it really exist? I say no in reality money is something with no backing, ie gold. It is generated from paper and when it goes into your bank it only exists as a 1 or 0 in a computer. One push of the button(or wrong button) and its all gone, never existed then what?
Unfortunatly we need it to exist, the system has it so we cannot live or even function without it, and the issue here is we spend the rest of our lives chasing it, or at the least thats what they would have us do. Some are more fortunate than other in that they came "into" money in their family and it was handed down to them, they really have no clue what it is to work for it and never really achieve gaining any large sum. It appears to me that those that "have more" than others simply have the ability easier to attain and keep theirs while the others struggle their entier lives try to achieve but never really getting there. There is that darn "carrot" again. Society has many carrots and money is just one of them. When I say carrot its the carrot in from of the donkey that is on a stick just in front of the donkeys nose so he keeps walking and walking to get to it but never does. Thats what they "less fortunate" doing constantly and they never understand in their continuous strive to obtain "more money" they will never get to their ultimate goals and in the process waste all their precious time pursuing something un-obtainagble missing the beauty and meaning of every day. I hate money but we have to have it to live HOW SAD. Think about your enslavement to money lets take an example of your home. You have to have money to have a place to dwell. So you buy your dream home 30 yr mortgage 4.25% interest. You essentially spend the rest of your live slaving for money to pay the mortgage, or should I say mortage's because by the time you ever get the home paid off you will have bought 2 homes because of interest!. Oh yes what if your fortunate enough to pay this home off, do you really EVER OWN it? No just stop paying your real estate tax's and see how fast your removed from YOUR property. Who gets wealthy here? Certainly not you but the banking system. And who owns the banking system? The global elite(I hate that term to) lets refeer to them from here on out as the "Cabal". They sit back in their ivory towers watching all these people on earth strive to get through life paying and paying and paying and they reap all the rewards. All because at some point in time they had more of this stuff called "money" and they could afford to purchase banks etc while the average citizen could not. More than likely they did not build their wealth it was probably handed down to them. One of the issues in society today is that if you have more of this "fictional" material that makes you a better person and your respected more etc. Well everyone should have equal chance at obtaining it but that DOES NOT HAPPEN, you heard the old adage the "Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer" nothing closer to the truth than that. Money does not make the man folks just remember you cannot take it with you, we are all destined to the same end no matter how much "fictional" material one has and they will be no better then. But its a shame we have to wait to the change for this to be obtained why not right here and now? Well it can be, but we must stop behaving live "hamsters running in the wheel" day in and day out just to provide for THEIR wealth and security. Isn't it time we all get together and take this into our hands?????? Mitch