I have been recently quite aware of the SH*T that we are being exposed to in movies and serial television shows.
Take a look for yourself.. from this point forward open your awareness and while your watching one of your favorite
sit-coms or movies notice, really notice what's in it, chances are it will be one of these:
The Occult
You will be hard "pressed" to find ANY that don't have some or all of the above in them. Now I have to ask just how
stupid do the "powers to be"( this is another lengthy topic) think we are. We are bombarded continuously with this
SH*T we have no other alternatives and it becomes disguiting after a while. Folks this is mind control at its best they push THEIR narrative of hate, hate, kill, kill continuously. No wonder our
children are so violent. This must stop and the only way it will is if each and every one of us refuse (don't watch) to watch
or by tickets at the theatre's for such garbage.