Good morning, folks. Here's another audio cast that I'm doing as I'm doing my daily walk. I think the best one I'm out nature and doing my walk. And just looking at the beauty of nature. Anyways, you might hear a little bit of background noise. That's what's going on it. This one's going to be about Christ mass. Christmas. I was walking, thinking about Christmas, which is coming up in a month and a half or a few months, whether or not I'm going to put up my Christmas tree. And I thought, what does that tree really signify? Why do we do that? What's this really about? Well, when you're young, and we can all remember this, we're indoctrinated into the narrative, that Christmas is this holy day, we celebrate Jesus. And I'm not bashing anybody's religion. I'm not doing that we all had the freedom of choice, Okay. But for me, I don't want to go down this road. Here's why As a child, we're told, it's all about celebrating this, this this beings birth and death, etc, etc. Christ mass, and we sing little tunes we all get together in school, since you can remember, first second grade, We're all doing recitals, singing about the Messiah and the Holy One. And not really understanding what we're doing. Because we're too young to understand. So we just deal or told. And then we go on. And as we get a little bit older, Christmas turns into nothing to do with celebrating anyone's birth, it's about GIFs getting presence. And that's how we're kind of indoctrinated into this. If there was no present. And it was just about celebrating the novelty, you'd wear off really fast, and you wouldn't have many Christians celebrating this holiday. But as a child, when gifts are given, that makes it Okay. And now we should celebrate it. Because I can give good gifts, that as we get older, we're told, well, it's more about giving than receiving. In other words, giving people things and that's nothing wrong with giving. I understand that philosophy wholeheartedly. I concur. Life is about giving and not receiving. But we still have the connotation of the religious part of this whole thing. And we're brainwashed from the time we can breathe on up Well, your whole life. Look what happens on Christ mass day in the United States anyhow, The world shuts down. Its religion. Its religion. We're not celebrating unity. We're not celebrating cohesive cohesiveness, we're celebrating a religious factor faction, The Christian faction of Christ, they have the right not saying they're wrong. But think about what we're celebrating has nothing to do with us. It has everything to do with Christian religion and their control over us. And when you think about it, in that terms, Things become a little bit clearer. You know, why am I putting up this Christmas tree? Why am I celebrating this on this day? If I understand that it's a stranglehold by the Christian religion over us, telling us, we must celebrate the Messiah, we must celebrate the life and death of this person, we must we must. Well, what do you mean, we must, we must, You know, I don't know how many pages there is in the Bible. But between those, let's say 800 pages, that binder of 800 pages of data that has been changed, altered, deleted. Over the years, they want you to believe that that's what life is all about what's between those binders. And then they're going to say, I want you to celebrate on this one holy day called Christmas. And all Christians can celebrate the Messiah at that point. Again, it comes to car they're going to come.
I'm not downing anybody religion. I'm not degrading anybody's who they want to worship. That's all well and done. Okay, but everybody has freedom of choice and free will. I elect not to do that. Okay, I've done it long enough. And I've done it for reasons that weren't even mine until I stopped and thought about it. Why am I celebrating this holiday? On this day? yy? What am I celebrating? Something? I really don't believe in that wholeheartedly. Yeah. And did I really have a say, in how I thought about this or what I wanted to do? Not really. So religion has had a stranglehold over the world to our And I opt out. I don't want that stranglehold on me anymore. anymore. That's my choice. Again, it's not downing anybody. It's not degrading anybody's religion. Please don't get me wrong. But we all have a choice doesn't make me any different, or my choice, but it's my choice. That's The whole point. It's my choice. And I choose to see Christ mass for what it really is. More religious control. That's the way I think about that. And I am going to keep walking And I'm going to stop talking now. Bye.