Hello folks. Hi folks, I know you haven't heard from me in a while, but I'm going to try to make this video, and it's gonna go haphazardly from one section to another. But there's certain points that I really need to make. Anyways, I'm going to call this video only take what you want.

Scratch that only take what you need. And you'll see at the end of the video why I'm saying this.

And while I'm doing this I'm gonna have my teeth, hope you're all well during this COVID-19.

Stay at home order. Let's think about this point.Let me start off on this. You'll notice on my website, Michel Meyer calm. I've said this coronavirus is a hoax, and it is. And we could get into that. But there's plenty of YouTube videos out there to do a better job than I can.

But here's what I want to say about this whole stay at home Warner, maybe it's a silver lining in the cloud for you. Here's what I mean about that.

For the first time in your life you've had two months at home. Hope it's good. I know will be 100% of the time. But you've had two months of home to spend with your family, going on walks cooking dinners, watching TV for whatever good, that there is out there. The idea is you're spending it with your family, the ones you love.

And I'm sure it makes you happy. So now you could look back and you could say, do I really want to go back to that job that I hated, do I really want to go back there.

Do I really want to jump back in that hamster wheel spinning everyday nine to five sometimes six, seven days a week. To make the CEO rich, and you just be able to get by.

Is that what I really want life, does that make me happy in life, and you know there's some jobs out there to people to enjoy and love. Sure, by all means, enjoy them. But for those that don't maybe this silver lining is your wake up call.

Maybe I don't want to do this anymore. Maybe this is not what makes me happy. Maybe this is not what I want to take with me. On and on and on. So maybe it is a wake up call. Maybe it is a silver lining. And that's all I want to throw out there about this COVID-19.

Now as long as we're talking about that. I've mentioned to my sister, that I am disgusted with the human race. I'm disgusted with them.

And here's a good example why I am disgusted with them. Why would somebody go into biology biological weapons red flag number one, go into a military base red flag number two, to create a weapon.

That hurts somebody red flag number three. I II. Let's take this virus, and manipulate it so it doesn't naturally attach itself to the human genome, but we can make it do that red flag number four, why would any human being with any semblance of a soul, want to do that.

All right, you're in the military, the top down brass has brainwashed you you've had a lifelong of brainwashing maybe your consciousness, your soul has been pushed down down down. Oh no, maybe so.

But maybe it's time for you to find that consciousness to get it back. It makes absolutely no sense to me, or any normal human being on the face of this earth, why you'd want to create something to hurt somebody else. I don't understand it, why not create it to help somebody.

But why created to hurt somebody. Well, we've said it before, this world, this planet earth that we think we own and by the way, by the way we don't. We're just one civilization of countless ones that have been here and when we leave. We'll leave it to probably the animals who own more of this world that we do.

I've lost my point. Scientists COVID-19, say, I knew if I don't write it down. So here's the problem when I make these videos if I write out a, an outline, I'll lose my train of thought so that's why I'm just kind of shooting at the hip here.

Because it was really good point too. But it was about humanity and all that that that that scientists working for the government to create a biological weapon, you know it's being done. I know it's being done. Why, y. What does humanity really want to do, humanity wants to explore the cosmos and become a true Interstellar species. Think that's our ultimate goal, you know, to answer the questions Who are we, where did we come from, why are we here. We can't be confined in this little globe.

But let's say we can fast forward. 3 million years from now. And if we can still recognize the human species. We finally made it become an intergalactic species, we're out there with the rest of the good intergalactic species and we're traveling around the universe, we come across the planet looks like planet Earth. And we park out there and we turn on our magic ball and we see what's going on.

We see a species that's creating biological weapons to kill one another. we see a species that kills one another, because one group's version of God doesn't match, another group's version of God.

We see a species, killing one another because their political beliefs, don't match another's political beliefs. We see a species that's killing one another because their skin color is different than another skin color. We see a species, killing one another because they live in different parts of the globe.

We see a species killing one another, because they talk, a different language than another, you get my point. What would you do. I know what I do I turn, I turn the globe off, I turn the ship 180 degrees away, and I'd press goal, and I'd never come back.

Well folks, that's where we are. We're that species in the big scheme of things. We're still in diapers, maybe having graduated to diapers yet.

We're that species, and yet we think we're all high and mighty, and yet we're doing this to one another. We're gluttons we're pigs.

We're evil. And by the way, all these bad things. We have created. We've created the Cabal. We've created the deep state, we've created Satanists, we've created the devil. We have created as a, as a, what do they call a collective, the Borg collective, we have created. We have made it.

Would you stick around and say, Well, you know what, maybe we can let them get off this planet and so they can spread their hatred and killing and destruction around the galaxy.

That makes no sense. So why do we believe that we deserve to go to Mars or the moon, folks. We can't. We never have. It's all a hoax.

It's all fabricated. We're not going to get to Mars, not the way we are today, or even the moon again. And yet, NASA and SpaceX are taunting starship law. Yeah. If they get there. It's gonna be a hoax. Just like the Apollo missions were a hoax, because we've not we're not going to be allowed to leave. And I wouldn't want a civilization like this going anywhere, and spreading our hatred amongst the stars.

We're still in diapers folks. We haven't learned about compassion the love for everyone. We're a greedy gluttonous hateful Society of people. Not all of us, but a good amount of us look at politics today the greed, the corruption. The backstabbing.

Look at this. And we're, we're no better nuclear bombs ammunitions drones plagues pandemics, most of them man made, if not all, we're no better folks. We are no better doing pretty good.

Let's look at the human race like this, I watched a movie the other day and I thought it was a very good movie. And I heard another YouTube video talking about this movie, and it all makes sense.

And I don't want to be a spoiler, so you might want to fast forward out. If you don't want to. If you want to watch the movie it's called the platform. I think I saw it on YouTube, or I saw it on Netflix or Amazon Prime one of the two. But here's what it was about. It was about a prison.

And the prison was designed in layers floors. And on each floor there'll be two or three, maybe even one prisoner, all the way down from the top. So let's say floor 150, the very bottom.

And in between these floors. Every day at five o'clock, a table would come down with enough food to feed all hundred 50 floors, you go the buzzer go off and be, da da will come to the table now floor number one has 15 minutes to eat their float, food, and then be the table went down to floor number two, all the way down to 150.

Here's the human species. What did they do. You know exactly what they did. Floor number one at the top, when they had everything became gluttonous ingredie. The Nancy Pelosi of the world, who stocks the refrigerator with countless amounts of chocolate ice cream. And yet the people in her district, the homeless are dying of starvation.

So people at the top, they take as much they can hoard. They hoard more than they can possibly, they hoard that it goes to floor number two. The same thing happens, they hoard they're greedy. The list goes on. Guess what's left in the bottom two thirds.

Zero. Those people starve to death. They become cannibals they eat one another, they kill one another. That's just what's going on in society today folks.

Perfect example, the Polo seas of the world are bragging about all the ice cream they've got, and yet people in their districts are homeless and can't even buy a candy bar. Shame on you. This is a human species.

I'm disgusted with you. I'm disgusted with you all. I'm part of it, I'm disgusted of it. We can do better. Yes, there's a lot of people out there doing better.

But we got to do more. We got to get rid of the policies, the greed the gluttony the Cabal the I'm at top and you're at the bottom and you get what I leave for you. Everybody has to be taken care of. We got to think of us, because we've created this mess, we've literally created this mess. Now we literally got to get ourselves out of it.

And you're gonna look at it like I have with my sister and go wow that's an awful big Feat. There's a lot of negative greedy gluttonous people out there who think of nothing but themselves.

True, but I'm gonna say like I've always said before, it only takes one Spark. All you need to do is plant one seed, and a tree will grow, and that'll plan to see the trail girl, you get my point. That's all we can be expected to do. I'm trying to plant seeds with this.

I hope it resonates. I hope you see, Excuse me what's really going on. I hope. During your lockdown. You use it for good. And now you have a chance to sit back and reflect on what you've been doing, and whether or not it truly makes you happy.

Well, this has gone on for a while. And it takes me forever to upload it because my upload speed. But I thought this was an important one, go watch the movie The platform. If you want to see what the human race is today. It's disgusting.

I wish I had better news for you.

Peace out.