Good afternoon, folks. This is going to be a relatively quick one.
  Its whole purpose like all of these is just to get a point across. So I want you to think hypothetically with me.
  Let's make believe when we were born. We're born into a bubble. We come out of the womb and yeah we lived in the placenta for nine months and now we're in another bubble. And we'll think of that bubble is our world.
  The one thing about the bubble that we're born into is we cannot see outside of the bubble. We can't perceive the outside world. So we are totally reliant on our news and media, our information from education our newspapers our internet all these external forces to tell us. Show us what the outside world looks like.
  And as we grow this bubble This keeps on going and we keep getting all this information from outside sources, informing us on how the world works, what it looks like what we can do what we can do what we can say what we can't say what is right, what is wrong What is up what is what is left what is right. You get the point. And we go through life like this.
  And that's where we are today 99% of the people still live in a bubble.
  They are relying on somebody else to tell them what to do, how to live in their world, what their world looks like we're all guilty of this, someone is telling us how to think what to think what's right what's wrong now I'm not advocating anything bad here folks I'm just trying to make a point. We live in a bubble.
  And we can't see reality because we haven't opened our eyes, we've relied on some other external force entity, be at college be the internet be a TV, be a parents whatever to tell us what the world looks like. And we've been going through life being told. This is what is going on out there. And we've never escaped the bubble escaping the bubble means, saying, hold on. I'm going to use my own discernment and I'm going to open my eyes. Finally, and see really what's going on out here. I'm not going to be led down the primrose path, like I have been my whole life.
  I'm going to put a stop to it right now, and I'm going to open my eyes again folks, this is hypothetical I'm trying to just make a point here, I understand you just can't stop paying your mortgage tomorrow. Okay. I'm not trying to do that. I'm trying to get the point across. We've never opened our eyes, we've allowed every entity, and every person and every control structure in this world to paint a picture for us of what this world is like, and we've never used our God given mind to figure it out for ourselves. And that's exactly what we all need to start doing right now asking that question, here I go back to what I've said all along, what if, what if we're being we're being told is wrong, or skewed or designed to make somebody else, more prosperous than us are designed to get us to fall into a certain fold are designed to keep us working till the day we die, or designed or designed or designed. You get the picture. Again this is gonna be a short one, but I thought of it last night. We live in a bubble that we can't see out of. And we allow everybody and everything, right from our parents to our teachers, all the way down to tell us what this outside world looks like.
  Now I say, folks. It's time we crack the bubble. And we step out for ourselves. We open our eyes.
  And we really see this beautiful world that's in front of us take the leap.
  You won't be disappointed.
  Love you all. Bye.

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