Hello, folks. How are you, you haven't heard from me in a while, I have a cup of tea with me today. So I'm going to drink my tea as I bring out this newest thoughts I've had It's been a while. It's been probably about six months since I posted anything on the website. But, I've had this epiphany once again when I was out walking. I'm going to call this the American Dream is non existent the American dream does not exist it is dead. We're going to talk about the American dream and go into some other sidebars. But let me explain where I am today. I'm at a different venue. It's February 15. This morning we're 17 degrees below zero. And as usual, I get out and I do my walk every day. Every once in a while somebody else stop and say Do you need a ride and I say No thank you, getting my exercise, five six miles, sometimes 10 miles a walk a day, which I think is really really good. That's what I did today, and I'm going to touch back on this in a minute. Because I'm going to talk about people going from one enclosure to another. Well, let's talk about the American dream that we've all been told is there for the taking. You can make it you can make the American Dream fast you what is the American dream. I think every one of us probably have a different idea. But if they would ask me I'd say, I was told. Okay I don't concur with this anymore when I was told it was, you know, having a wife and a couple of kids 2.3 kids, a white picket fence around my house and living happily ever after. In a job that I just love to go to work with every day. And I'm sure your story would be something pretty close to the same. Well folks, that doesn't exist. We've been told that exists, and we've been told that that we need to strive for. We need to strive to obtain the American dream. Get out there and work hard and I'm not advocating not working. Okay, but I am advocating buying into the narrative and not buying into the narrative. You know where does it get us where does it get these people that are running in their hamster wheel which you've heard me say in this channel many times. And they just go from their hamster wheel to their enclosure, ie home. And on the way home, they're in another enclosure that's called car back into their enclosure, wake up the next morning, jump in the next enclosure IE car jump into the building, ie work and do it all over again because we're searching for the American Dream we've been told, the more we do this, the more we work. The closer to that dream we're going to get, but we never get there, it's that old care on a stick in front of the dog key trick like I've said before, the moving of the goalposts as we get closer. Oh, sign up for this big corporation because they will take care of you when it comes time to retire. Well, for me, and many others. When it came time to retire they said oh, by the way, the stuff that we promised you when you signed on and we hired you. We're not going to give it to you, because we took all that money we had away in your pension and we pissed it away your loss, you're not gonna get it. I don't have to move on like this, countless, countless companies in the US like this. Oh and by the way, every time you get a paycheck, we're taking off for Social Security, and you poor kids, you're not gonna get it. We're just gonna take your money and give it away to countries like Iran and Iraq for who knows God knows what. But when it comes time for your American dream. They're gonna say, you know what, it's bankrupt, we can't give it to you, or we got ours, we're the politicians we got ours but you're not gonna get yours. No American dream. Or maybe here's the American Dream right you raise your family and your little white picket fence house in your 2.3 kids and you work your life OFF. You turn 65 you retire your kids throw you in an old folks home. You get jabbed with an experimental vaccine die a day later, or maybe a week later, is that the American dream it doesn't exist. doesn't exist. But here's what does exist, and this is why I'm going to circle back to what I said about walking like I like to do every day. And people that just go from one enclosure to another. They have no clue what there is there. If you go walking in at zero degrees people think you're nuts. And if they're good people, they're gonna stop and see if you need to ride excuse me to drink a cup of tea. So I'm well somewhat, but they have no clue that the American Dream is right out their door. It's every treats every bush it's every sunrise it's every sunset. There's the American dream, not what we were told not what was beaten into our head by school, and parents, and it's not their fault but you know what I'm seeing in the TV and the media. It's not that everybody can obtain the American dream, get outside and do it. I was with somebody. Last weekend. In, we walked to where we're going and I know it was odd. I know the person I was going with. I know she thought it was odd. It was called attack she lists give us her ideas. I said no, let's walk in. I hope it opened her eyes a little bit to what the American Dream is, in reality, because it has nothing to do. We've been told it is what we've been told is false. You need to see your American dream to get out and live the American dream. I don't care if it's 16 below, or 70 above. Get out of the enclosures. Stop running from one enclosure to another enclosure, your American dream if you wait for someone to take care of you, or you wait till you can obtain enough money in the bank. Something will happen. And you won't have that money in the bank be at a health problem foreclosure bankruptcy, your company folding loss a pension, it's going to happen. In the process, you wasted your life, chasing an American dream. That does not exist. Stop chasing start looking. Stop running from one enclosure to another. And with that, probably say, Oh yes, by the way, if you'd like this video if you scroll to the bottom of the page. Now, there is a place for comments. All of the new videos, and the top 20 videos have a comment section at the very bottom of the page, scroll to the bottom of the page. Leave your comments, make them nice, of course, let me know what you think. What data was saying this is a Mitch Meyer calm. Peace out and stop chasing something that doesn't exist. By.