Good morning, folks. This podcast is going to be called, think outside the box. This is a very important perspective, one that I really really wanted my website to generate wanted people to start to think for themselves. I wanted to present a multitude of articles thoughts and ideas to get people to start thinking for themselves. And what I mean about that is, we all have ideas we all have perceptions that we all come to play on a daily basis, but far too often, our thoughts, ideas contemplations are shadowed by past ideas, past, education, what we've heard what we've seen, and where have we seen all this while we've seen this from media. We heard it from friends. We remember it from school. It's what we were taught.And I say, is what we were taught real or is better terminology is what we were taught. True, are mostly true or mostly false. So, I want everyone to take a challenge I love everyone to take a challenge, you don't if you wish. It's entirely up to you, obviously. But the challenge is going to be very mind opening. And it will change your life forever I can guarantee you that it will change your impressions and thoughts forever I can guarantee that let's, let's put it in that terms. I would like everybody to take a one day challenge in that one day challenge is to continuing to be to think outside of the box. Understand, when we're thinking inside of the box in other words we're inside. looking out. We are continuously bombarded with television media people's thoughts newspapers, internet, everything we've been taught. So, we're in the inside looking out through a very very very rose colored lens. It's very tainted, it's very skewed, it's skewed on purpose. But if we can step outside of the box. And now look in, we look in through a very clear lens. And I'm biased on ambiguous lens. So we need to first get outside of the box, and then do our critical thinking. This kind of thinking is true. This kind of thinking is, basically, to quote an old phrase, open your eyes. It's hard to open your eyes. When you're inside of a squall or a churning waterfall. It's hard to open your eyes when you're in the midst of that, because you're being bombarded by so many external forces continuously. So the goal and here the task here is to learn how to get outside of the box. Put all those behind you, and look at things with, and through a clear lens and instead of a rose colored lens. Again this rose colored lens has been built on every person from the time they were born, we've all developed rose colored lenses. And I will say more than that those rose colored lenses are put there for a purpose. They are put there to control the flow of thought to impede the flow of thought to direct the flow of thought. So being inside of the box in trying to look out is very very difficult to near impossible. One must create the ability to step outside of the box first, and then look within. And I believe I know when you can create or master this technique and it takes some work.
There will be an entire new perspective on everything. A more truthful perspective, one that is not colored, and just distorted. Like, we are, we are used to. So it takes work, but I challenge. Everyone, this will probably take more than a day my initial challenge was a day. This may take a month to step outside that box. And how do you do that you let go of all of the things you were told, you let go of all of the things you thought you knew you let go of all of the things you believed, and you start to question everything in an open perspective, platform. That's what I call stepping outside of the box. You don't go into it with any bias lists. Well I really kind of believe I'll just make this one up because I don't believe the earth is flat but I really believe the earth is flat and I'm going to start thinking about maybe the earth is round. Okay. You don't go into with biased or preconceived ideas, you clear your mind of all of these you step outside the box. You have a mind folks, we were all given a mind, use it for yourself. Don't allow others to use it for you. Use it for yourself. So, step outside the box, be it 30 days be two weeks, it may take some people six months to do this, but I can guarantee you once you do, you will begin to develop a clarity, which you've never had in your life, and things will unfold in front of you that have never unfolded before, and they will start making sense. So, take the challenge folks I dare each and every one of you to take this challenge. And then if you want to report on it. Register login and start coming at it. I'm going to stop talking now. Thank you.