Morning, folks, I'd like to call this podcast, Take ownership and own your feelings.
  And What I mean about this is
  everybody at some point in their lives, Hopefully earlier than later, needs to take responsibility and ownership for all the past things they've done. Be a good or be bad, we always will take ownership for good things. But a lot of us don't want to take ownership for things we've done wrong. People we've hurt. things we've done that don't make us the proudest, we want to pass off and put away in a little dark alley, a little dark cage and hope they never rear their ugly head. But you never get rid of them until you take ownership of them and you understand them. Have you hurt people? Do you hurt people? Do you have an addiction? Why are your relationships always failing? What's your part in this?
  I know someone very close to my heart
  That is grown in his life, and has made a lot of mistakes. We all make mistakes. That's part of living as part of experiencing the journey. We all make mistakes, and we will to the day we pass on. But living is taking responsibility for those mistakes, understanding why we made them, What part of ourselves is lacking in how we can fix them. And I do them again, in the future. Take responsibility. Getting back to the person close to my heart is having a hard, hard time in his life. And he's close to 40 years old. And he's that hamster running in a cage. He's struggling with addictions, he's struggling with a lot of low self esteem In his higher self keeps showing him You need to fix this. He keeps putting him in a bind a financial bind a bind with vehicular problems. But his his higher self keeps bringing him back to the same point, different methodologies. But always getting him back to the same point and saying, Now is the time for you to look at yourself clearly. And take responsibility take ownership of the things you've done in the past. Why are you having a drug issue? What is the problem? What part of you feels inadequate, You need to take responsibility for these things, pushing them off and putting them into a dark corner and hoping they're going to go away will never be the answer to this. Because folks, they will never go away, They will rear their ugly head at some point in time. And If you don't get rid of them, they will follow you till you die. Bottom line. So a person caught in an endless loop of your higher self saying look at what you put yourself in, look at the situation you're in right now. What it's saying is, it's a cry for help. It's saying, take ownership, Take ownership for your actions, Figure out dig down to dig dive, dive deeply into yourself and understand why you're having these problems. Why are you having drug addictions? Why do you have low self esteem, Don't push it off and say, well, I have low self esteem because my mom or dad made me that way. That's not taking ownership for anything. taking ownership is looking at your feelings and understanding them for why they're there. Again, this is just going to continue over and over and things are never going to get any better for individuals like this. Whether you're addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, whatever it is, You need to figure out why. And The beauty of the higher self is it's going to put you in binds. Think of them as binds bad situations, not comfortable situations, it's going to put you in a bind all the time. And that bind is your higher self trying to wake you up, Wake up and smell the coffee. It's called a bind. And I get that term all you did from one of my great philosophers by the name of Alan Watts, Thank you, Alan. Hi yourself put you in binds. It doesn't say, hey, look at this. This is why I did this. It puts you in bad situations, uncomfortable situations, financial situations or relationships, if you things that are uncomfortable, It's Think of it as a bind is designed to wake you up. And If you don't wake up, those binds will continue the rest of your life guaranteed. Because the higher self wants nothing better for you, Then for you to wake up, to accept and to own your responsibilities in this world. That's how we progress. And that's how we evolve. That's how we ascend. taking ownership for things, we're not the proud of stuff. understanding why well a part of me Did that Well, part of me was lacking. Then why I became addicted to sex, what part of me Maybe I had low self esteem, Where'd that come from. And then understanding that each and every one of us is truly a perfect human being. Okay, We don't fail. But take ownership of these things. And life will get better for you. But you need to start somewhere, you need to put that foot out that first foot up it saying I'm going to take ownership of my, my past, I'm going to take ownership of that notice when yourself puts you in a bind.
  I know someone is put into a bind right now. Not going to say who it was. But things get really, really bad. And they're kind of at the last straw in a bind. But I don't think this person has realized that that's your higher self putting you there on purpose. It's trying to give you a wake up call. Listen to your higher self. Unfortunately, your higher self can talk to you and rationalize with you. because it'd be trying to rationalize with your ego which is a lose lose situation. But it will put you in binds. Find out what the bind is we all get put in them. Realize them for what they are. They're your higher self saying wake up Own, what's going on. Own you respond, Take everything you put into that little dark secret room and shuffled off, Take it out. Look at it. Try to figure out how you could own that. What you can do to get rid of that once and for all. Instead of this pushing it into the dark secrets of your of your mind hoping it'll go away when it inevitably never will. Folks, now's the time to take ownership and to own the things we've all done in this world. And it will produce a much better world And you will be able to finally move on. Move on. That's the key. Love you all later.

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