Hello folks.
I was laying here thinking about this and so many good things come through my mind. I feel as though I need to put them in writing or an audio. I believe this this bf supplemental audio but it's gonna be about what I've talked about, and the website. One of the, this is one of the largest ideas of this website, one of the first ones was think outside the box but this is almost the same as that and it's. Get out of the damn hamster wheel. We're all these hamsters running in a wheel, our whole lives society tells us, get in that wheel and run and run like your life depends on it until he gets old. He can't run anymore then you drop out of the wheel and guess what society find somebody else to put back in another wheel and away it goes again. So I guess what I'm advocating is we need to learn how to stop this damn wheel once in a while. Getting out of it totally, you know, and then to fit into society. I don't know if that's possible. But the ability to stop this damn wheel. At our whim, I'm stopping the wheel for an hour or a day or a month or a year. I'm stopping the wheel.

I'm getting out of the wheel. You get, I can just see people, the society just running and running and running. They lose their self identity. They lose everything that they're supposed to be about just running for who, for what she has because society and the evil control structure tells us to. You know the old adage. My dad always told me this Well, there's somebody jumped off a bridge, would you do it too. Well, just because somebody is running in a wheel. 20 473 65, do you have to. Who says you have to stop it. Get out of the wheel  to the wheel at your whim, when you want to not allow society to dictate

your every breathing, every move. 20 473 65, do that. What do you have time for you. That's our problem. I just did a podcast about the parents like a little Parent Trap. When you get to this point you've been in that wheel for so long. You think that's home, you don't know how to get out. It's like an animal and in a trap, they've been in there for so long. They don't know how to get out. When you open the door they don't run, which is just opposite what I said an apparent trap.

You know a trapped animal that's been in a cage or a zoo his whole life. You know if you open the door they don't leave because they think this is all there is to life that's all they've known. All we've known as this damn hamster wheel all we've done is run our whole lives. And when the wheel stops. We started up again. Instead of stepping out going well right time for me. We started up again. How silly is that, I guess, like I said earlier, this is synonymous with step outside the box and think for yourself. Step outside the wheel. Think for yourself. Society. Stop. Stop the insanity.

The everyday stop the insanity. Can you really see what society is in general. All these minions. In New York, every morning, thousands upon thousands of little minions doing their nine to five like society tells them to do. And I'm not advocating it's not the thing to do but when you step off all I know when we get to step outside. When society says we can take a vacation. Thank you society. How about I step outside the window what I want to step outside will not when you tell me it's time to are you give me a whole week out of 52. Wow, thank you. That's going to help to help me find myself. Step stop the wheel. The sad part is, if we stop the wheel of 30 different opinions running. I'll bet you 29 of them, or maybe not 30, but start right back up again, because that's all we know. And just geared that way. The powers to be don't want you to know who you are, what you are, as a being, they don't want you to win. They just want you to keep on running.

Because the, the pole you're turning as you run is the big money pole. And the Cabal gives richer and richer at your expense. Give your life for them run until you drop dead in the wheel. You bet a good little minion will fill that wheel, as soon as we can drag your dead corpse out of it. Thank you very much. Yeah right, the rich get richer the poor get poorer way it's always been, but it's got to stop. And we are the ones I've got to stop it. We've got to say, I'm stepping outside of this wheel right now, or whenever I want. I'll stop it. And I'll walk out, doesn't mean I can't get back in, doesn't mean I will, doesn't mean I won't, but I've got control of my life. I start to think outside the box and see life for what it is. See the matrix. See this non stop running that we bet in that whole life, run until you die. I guess that's the nature of the beast huh no it doesn't have to be folks take back control of your lives. Yes. It's not something you can just do overnight, you just can't exit this wheel and walk away. Not after doing it for 40 or 50 years. Is it ever too late. No, it can't be. Because we've all got that spark of divinity within each and every one of us. We've just got to find it. We've got to see it. We've got to take the time to get out of the wheel to experience it.

Each and every one of us has to do this. Stop the turning of the wheel. Society won't like it, because that's not the way it's supposed to be for them. They've seen us running for so long. And we've heated their every commands for so long. Time to take back our lives, folks. Take back your divinity, take back what you were designed to be and what you are.

Take back your beautiful nature. Take off the blinders. Get out of the wheel. Open the door and get out of the box. Be who you are supposed to be. Grab your person, your special beautiful, wonderful, eternal life person understand who that is. Seek to find the truth. No matter how long it takes. Find this truth for yourself. And everybody will become free. These wheels. When they're stopped, you may never start them up again. Your choice. you have free will. Don't allow others to take away your soul and your free will, we've given it to them. willingly. Now will willingly. Take it back.
The heart of this website. Think for yourself. Be yourself  become yourself. It's there for you. It's there for your taking. It's never too late. It's never too late. You may have a lot of vested time as everyone does into the old habits and the old system, but it's never too late to find yourself. Because when you do. Once you find yourself. These are the, the patterns. The memories that you're going to take with you forever and ever. Running into we'll, we'll end here with you. And you'll never remember because it's not a good thing to remember. So folks, grab that light. Grab your chance. Take your chance. Like somebody once famously said, What the hell have you got to lose. What do you have to lose folks. Nothing. But we have everything to gain, finding out who we really are getting in touch with that beautiful beautiful entity within each and every one of us, connecting with everybody outside of you, and realizing we're all just one. So, You want to keep spinning your choice. Yeah, we've all made a choice and we've all kept spinning. But maybe you know just maybe it's time to stop the Wheel of Fortune, you know.

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