Hello folks.

I hope you've all had a good social social distancing 45 days. And the end it'll be 45 if it is the end.But I want to call this video. Have your scales tip yep scales.

My to scales. Okay. Think of that scale that you always see on TV about weighing of metals or whatever scales. And our life is in a scale, whereas your scale as the tip yet.

Let's let me explain that a little bit further.And I want to start this off by giving you a heads up. There's going to be some swearing in here some foul language. So it's not for children.

So, heads up with that there is going to be some foul language because maybe it'll help me express how strongly, I feel convicted I am to some of these ideas.

Where's your scale people. Where's your scale today in this social distancing arena we find ourselves in this bullshit crap. They've imposed upon us.

If we knew a fraction, a fraction of what the upper echelon knows, let's call them. The Cabal okay yeah I've heard me talk about these pricks forever that cabal.

If we knew a fraction of what they knew of what our science knows of water medicine knows, whatever energy, all the things we have that are classified. You should know about them nor I classified that they keep hidden from us. They keep secret from us, because we can't handle the truth. Right. Well we might need it to blow up Russia, stop with the warring already. What the Frak is wrong with that. Stop. We have got, and there are so many things out there that would amaze every human being on this planet that didn't know and that's the majority of us that our life would change instantly.

Once we knew some of these things, but yet. Once again, as it has been from the beginning of time, or at least in my lifetime. Things are hidden from us, they are classified and you don't need to know why.

If you find something on this planet Earth. And it's this to say something it's a it's a Stargate you classified and hide some of this planet Earth. I want to know about it. I have the right to know about it but, no, those in charge that we've given control of our lives to deem it, we don't need to know.

Okay, I'm getting a little bit sidetracked. But if we didn't know some of these things, our lives would change overnight. Okay, so here's the scales. Here's the scales on one side The scale is going to be, how beautiful this world is how really beautiful it is the, the trees the animals the parks the waterfalls and on this scale is our freedoms.

Okay, how much of this are you willing to battle with Are you willing to give up because right now people right now. Each and every one of you should have your heads out of your ass. And you should be seeing what they're doing to us. Okay, we've been raised, I was raised, citing the flag citing our Constitution, which makes this country, the greatest country in the world, because we have a constitution.

I hope you all see right now. That was a stroke of a pen in a few hours, your constitution is eradicated overnight. Take it away. You could no longer go to a beach. Or you may get find a beach I frickin own, you're going to tell me I can't find the only person there, you're going to find me for that. Or I can't go to my favorite fishing hole.

No, I can see going to restaurants or bars which is lots of people. These outdoor activities. I want to get on my bike and go for a ride to the beach, and I can't do that because you've taken away my constitutional right with a stroke of a frickin pin.

Where's your scales folks. When is enough enough. Yeah, we're gonna get through this better be soon. We're gonna get through this, but I'm sure it's gonna be soon.

But I don't want you to ever forget it. Don't forget what they did. You thought you lived in the freest country in the world. Bull shit. It ended with the stroke of a pen. And if they can do that. Judah where else they can go.

So where's that scale. All the world is beautiful. Oh, here's my rights. Oh. When does the evil that's happening to us outweigh the beauty of this world. And then what the hell are you gonna do about it. How much farther Do we have to get typical scenario. Okay, here's our downfall. I know I've got friends like this. Well, I being home because I got a social distance you know what, I've got close to $2 million in the bank. I can ride this out. I'm not worried about anything. Yeah. What about the rest of the people in this world. That's called greed, my friend, with a capital G, and that's been the downfall of humanity from its inception, greed, I've got mine. I don't care about the rest of you, I can, I can handle it. Yeah, you probably can handle it easier to most people. But what does that do to the rest of the human beings out there too You're supposed to be a part of the race you're supposed to you You're disgusting.

You're disgusting. Greed greed is caused all the problems in this world. I've got mine I don't care about you. Remember this is not a me society, it's a we society, and we need to change our thinking drastically where your scales people have the eclipse mine have, because I see what they can do to you a stroke of a pen, I realized we're not free in this country, or any place on the planet. I understand we've been lied to and we're being lied to right now. I'm tired of it.

How can I change it. Well, that one person goes to a fishing hole and gets arrested for $1,000, that isn't going to work. But if we get 5000 people to go to that fishing hole, they're not getting arrest 5000. Now I'm not advocating anything, I'm just pointing things out. The one power we have is our numbers right now, and they tried deliberately to lower those, and they were successful to some extent.

What if they really would have hit the mark. And there would have been no cure for this, this would have been 100% fatal. What would you've been saying right now. Well you've been doing right now. You don't think this might be a trial run for something else down the road. They're going to learn from their mistakes. When do we put an end to this one, do your scales finally temporary say, alright. Timeout. I've had enough. Excuse me as a hammock drink of tea.

I've had enough of this. I see how my rights and freedoms can be stripped instantly from me. That's not being free. I see how the Cabal continues to manage and pull the strings of all the little puppets they have everywhere. And you keep running in your hamster wheel your whole life until you die.

Yeah, we have beauty. Yeah, I can get on my bike and go to the park right now. But when this is over and see the beauty and nature love it all. But when does it get to a point. What is it get to a point where that our freedom is being taken away. It's not quite that that important anymore. My freedoms. What we are as a society, what we are as a race is more important. When does that come into play.

Folks, don't just let this go by when it goes by, always remember what has just happened. And how fast your freedoms can be raced. Just like that. And the elite keep theirs, and you lose yours, and everything you've worked for. Do you think somebody with $30 billion is not going to make through this sure they will. But what about that small business owner right now. I suspect 30% of the small businesses will fail will never open up again, that they care about you, or whether to give you a small business loan. Well what about a small business grant that I don't get to fricking pay back. What about a great. Where do you get that money to give up from the middle class. We've given you money we've paid our taxes we've supported war if we've supported you terrorizing the world. It's our money.

Definitely want to back you say well you know what, when you're allowed to get yourself security, that's an entitlement maybe we should take that away. I'm tired of that. I'm tired of that.

You should be to. When is enough enough, when does this scale finally tip to 51% where you say, Okay, I'm gonna change my ideas. I'm gonna change my thinking. It's got to become a we world, and not a me world right now was our lesson. Right now we're in school. Right now we're being learned, and it's right in our faces. Every day you turn that crap on hundred percent crap fear mongering fear porn Fear Fear Fear rather die deaf.

Yeah, this is not a good thing yeah this is a man made disease yeah it was put out to destroy people, it failed to some extent. But the next time they're not going to fail as drastically for a member that this is a trial run, they're getting their act together, and they need to be stopped. This needs to stop.

Our scales. Gotta tip. I hope your scales are tipping folks. I hope you see this you're not running around like Chicken Little same, I'm gonna put my mask on and the sky is falling. I know people that are running around masks on what the frac is that doing for you.

All it shows is you're buying into the narrative hook line and sinker don't buy into the narrative. Think for yourselves. Come on. Okay, think for yourselves.

I was talking to a lady today about a park back where I used to live and I said this to our son so was the park open my idea was, is is it still existed because I hadn't seen it for 30 years. Oh no, we're social distancing up here. I said they can kiss my ass, if they're gonna tell me I can't go to a park, and they can, because I will go to a park. That is my god given. Right. Unless of course.

They've taken that away. Then did destroy our Constitution. We don't have anything left one of your scales going to tip folks. What is enough enough. Okay, I'm not advocating anything drastic or bad, but why don't we just start banding together say listen. Let's form a, let's start forming something here. The United coalition of humans.

And we're not going to put up with this anymore. We want to see what's right. What are we in a breakdown this country I'll destroy you. I got a bomb up. What am I going to think is one, and that is individuals or individual countries. What do we truly need to be one. Like we're supposed to be.

So we got to destroy ourselves again. We'll keep hiding stuff from everybody. Again, so the elite keep theirs and we don't get any greed greed greed greed greed, and they will kill as many as they have to regain control. What is enough. When do we stop being sheep. When do your scales unbalanced. There's my question to you people.

I'm sorry if I got a little bit upset about that but you know my scales are unbalanced. you're gonna see a link down here pop up, hopefully our ability to stay longer from website. Like and Subscribe this and please share, maybe it'll start helping people get their heads out of there you know what.

Okay, so what I'm going to say is, miss a piece out. And I'm going to ask you one more time. When do your scales become unbalanced. Thank you.