Hello folks.

I am currently walking. Doing my walk, and I am dodging puddles ice walks, so bear with me as I do that, cars going by all the good stuff. But I wanted to put up this podcast about why are we here. I mean, if you ask anybody anything that's going to be their biggest question Why are we here. Why, And I think I've got a relatively simplistic answer to that question, at least I believe it to be true. We're here for one reason. Remember, I've always said, ain't taking nothing with your hopes and means you're not taking any of your money, your cars your houses. You're not taking anything with you. The only thing that's going to continue on with you is going to be here experiences. Those you never lose. So, I believe I've answered my question, why are we here. we are here source to experience life on planet earth as a human being. Period. Now, you say, well, you can only experience some parts of it. Yeah, I can only experience, say for me. The white, male, living in northern Wisconsin Northern Michigan aspect of life. I can only experience a portion of fraction of it. So how does source get to experience everything. Remember, he doesn't want any stone unturned. He wants to experience everything. And he doesn't do anything. She's my French half assed. So how does source experience, everything that's to be experienced on this planet. Well, he splits himself into fractals and becomes every human being that exists on this world. I can't understand what it's like to live under a communist regime. The Chinese people can. They're fractals of the same. You see, if you split yourself amongst many people are in the world. I don't remember what that number is 28 billion I don't know what the number is. But if each one of those is a fractal of source, everyone will experience little bit something different. And there will be no stone left unturned source will experience, everything that could be experienced on planet earth as a human beings. And that's why we're here. It's as simple as that. to experience what life is like on planet earth as a human being. Again, one person is very limited, but every living human being on the face of this earth. We experience life deaths and heartaches happiness and sorrows wars and famines and abundance we experience everything. That's how he did it. We're all fractals of the one. And we're all put here to do only one thing experience life, not get wrapped up about it, not get disturbed about it, not get upset about it, not get depressed about it. But just to experience and and to understand that everything in the end is going to turn out okay for everybody, everybody. It'll all be fine. So when someone says well I want to know what I'm here for. Well that's what you're here for to experience life on planet earth as a human being. And in order to experience everything possible source broke himself herself whatever you want to call itself into millions and billions of fractals called human beings throughout the entire world. Each and every one of us. That's what we're here for folks. That's the reason. So understand life. Enjoy life. Don't let life get you down. Don't let life bother you see the beauty in everything. Yeah, there's some non beautiful things but. See if you can see through that and see the beauty behind it. Get out of your doldrums. Take your blinders off, get your head out of your asses experience life. So we can take that with us. Thank you for listening, folks. Bye now.